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Wreck Beach (2010)

I. The Question

Is it not for the sake
of an old man leaving
at some time
and with some memory
of forgiving?

To a common place,
a place of meeting
with respect for those deserving.

Where memories are shallow
and common.

If not for the movement,
not exact movement, but fluidity,
a liquidity of time.

To be dissolved and removed,
to make way for other rulers,
new growth and development
with a fresh direction.

II. The Beach

The worn pebbles on the beach
are surrounded by small indefinite spaces
on a foundation of murkiness.

This one round,
this one squarish,
this one smooth.

The waves crash and break,
tidying up the unkempt seaweed hair.

The constant disruptions,
abrupt spaces and lost eruptions
rub the pebbles.

In their comfort
they fit well into
one another.

The curvy beasts
wanting to wander,
in need of release,
countless in number.

In this common place
with common features.

Could each be moved,
or told of other situations?

What kind of system
can they see?

How can they project their feelings?

Sleeping with sand
day and night.

For what season are they waiting?
What reason were they told?

How can they sleep so tightly?
Even under pressure,
they remain.

The water is neither lubricant nor solution,
but merely calms the abrasions
and defines the shadows,
providing cooling measures.

How can they hear the waves,
breaking and working the shore?

Where are their eyes
to see the setting sun?
Their day may never come
though they wait without annoyance.

in the same location
it was suitable then.

Are buried ones waiting to rise up?
Are lower ones hoping to climb to the top?
Have they heard of the promised land,
or is it their journey
that provides the protection?

Glen Wheeler
May, 2010