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What We Encounter (2008)

These are

could be’s and would not be’s
in the stream of metaphysicals

These are inspirationals

these are inspirational
these are quadraphonics
these are 

These are austentatious

These are inevitables
these are receivables
these are accountables
these were definable

These are miniscule
these are tabloids
these were legends and myths
these are tallies and legends
these are stories and ponderables
these are introverts and extroverts

These were concernables
these are imponderables
these are inconceivables
those were on the shelf

These are coming forth
those were disillusionments
these are dreams and inconceivables
those were never coming forth

These are what was and what wanted to be
these are what could never be
Were you one of these?

These are what is and was is not
these were never meant to be
Were you what you wanted to be?
Was I what you thought I’d be?

These are the uncountables and the numbers
these are accounts of who we were
these are accounts of who we are
these were records we never kept

These are distant accountables
those were galaxies in space

these are things we want to be
these are things we never were
these are what we ought to be
these we never found

these are the things we’d love to be
these are the places where it fades

these are the way we need to be
these are the things we need to pay
these are the ways we need to make
these are statements of the day

These are ideas along the way
these are on and off our head
these are rules inside our heads
these are rules
these are rules to be conveyed
these are rules to make you think

These are what we thought we hid

these are what we meant to say
these are what we thought we said
these are what we want to do
these are rules for me and you

these are talks along the way
these are things for here and now
these are things to say and do

these are things we never lost
these are what was never lost
these things we never lost

these are risky in their way
these are risky rules to play

these are securities and
these are better left unsaid
these were the times we thought we had

Those were unponderables
these are impenetrables
those were invincible
these are intolerable
those were unponderables

Those were unquestionable
this was unfathomable
these were argumentatives
they were unstoppable

This was inevitable

Those were invincible
those were unfathomable
this was imponderable,
those were inconceivable
this was inalterable
those were unaugmentable
this was unfathomable

those were unquestionable

This has got to stop.

Glen Wheeler
Victoria, BC
Summer, 2008

Listen to poem!

Read by Michele Grimm
Vermont, US
September, 2009