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The Therapist (1990)

Find my level, my doctor,
and let me float.
Massage my mind
and ego.
Is it memory,
can I think,
what are dreams,
will I swim or sink?
Sanity is the pain
that you must cure,
I'll assist,
if you insist.
and waves,
rhythms and cycles,
cycles and rhythms,
it's on my mind
all the time.
Let's talk pharmaco,
make no jokes,
I, like Kekule,*
have visions of rings.
Astro planes,
my godhead,
how art thou arranged?
Alas, neurostructures
may be beyond the scope
of this, our discussion.
What say you,
shall we get together,

Kekule's dream of the structure of benzene (1865).

Glen Wheeler
Winnipeg, 1990

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