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The Seagull and the Crow (1990)

You turned your head,

I thought that meant
that you were mine
and I was yours.

You looked at me
and I at you,
I thought that meant
our love was true.

Your color white
and mine was black,
you stood erect
I watched your back.

You took a step,
I followed you,
you stopped to rest,
I thought of you.

I flew away,
you held your ground,
you looked too dumb,
I was no clown.

Should I return
to be your mate
you must not leave,
please take my bait.

We may not be
the perfect match,
four times my size
you realize.

Still here we are
in love with each,
you say it's odd
to share my beach.

They look at us,
all creatures fair,
we seem to be
a happy pair.

Glen Wheeler
August, 1990, Vancouver