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Granville Isle. (1993)

    Wise birds staggering
    in clockwise circles,
    mesmorize tourist smiles.

    Nodding and pecking,
          cockily inspecting
          breadcrumbs and seeds.
    Cakes are pecked and gobbled,
    thieved with bits of squabble.

    Wise bird behavior;
    naturally getting
          fatter and fatter
          until, running out of greed,
          they’re too full of matter.

               Hop, short steps
               tiny twig legs,
               hop, flutter and shake,
               six steps forward
               then quick double-takes.

               Wise birds leaving,
               bend, burst and go,
               push off the railing,
               gone in a flurry,
                      puff, pull, and flow.

Glen Wheeler
Vancouver, 1993