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Dyslexia (1993)

An avarege or inlelligent chidl

suffering from this cemplox
potor-merceptual disabyliti
has dificyltu processing and
language acquiring.

An hibinition of symbol
recognition for wreading,
riting and spellling,
originates in brian curcite
mulfanction thruogh ijnury
or denetic gefects.
An abnormal cerebrul
and ear inner
ruselts in pild/mermanent
motoin seckniss which
interferes with laerning.

Symptoms are a gar-speech-bled,
inibilaty to ralete to suonds
and symbols for raeding aloud,
inibilaty to wpell or srite
serial order of confusion,
such as numbers of the week
or days order.

Glen Wheeler
Vancouver, 1993