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Canada Day (1999)

What is left to say

When morrow meets the man?
Beauty is the day
Is there a better way
To celebrate the land?

Could daylight and the year
Music on the wing
Forever bring the cheer
Balanced gifts of beer
Allowing guests to sing?

Weather is the wiser
Clouds have gone away,
A 1960 Chrysler
With rear axle riser
Screams rubber shouts olé!

The day is summer one
Place is on the mind
Games are fun till done
Could it be who won
Balls we'll never find?

A walk is quite around

To search the ice-cream van,
Ear drops to the ground
To hear the music sound
Of Mr. Frosty man.

Come and go party girls

From here to there, the beach.
Flag and sail unfurls
Surfer boys eyeing curls
Better curves out of reach.

A rented car maxing

With gas and ass and wine,
Needs nothing but waxing
To avoid national taxing
Heads south below the line.

Will it be this year
Or was it better last?
Let's keep the cheer
And belay the odd fear
Salute our flag full mast!

Glen D. Wheeler