2022 - 2023 Handbook

Handbook 22-23

Once you have read through this with your parent/guardian click the google form link at the bottom and submit the form.  This is Due by 8/31/22

Class Requirements


Formal Concert Dress (for 2022-2023 school year)

Concert dress applies to live performances and any videos recorded for any virtual performance.   All 9th, 10th, and 11th (12th grade students needing a uniform) will be going to the Friar Tux West Covina location from 8/29/22 - 9/12/22 during store hours to get fitted for and purchase concert uniforms.   See Friar Tux Letter

Download Friar Tux Letter


Instrument Use

         Cellos and basses are available for loan through the music department. The recommended amount to offset the cost of maintenance is  $90 for the full school year. Please submit a loan agreement and cash or check made payable to GHS Orchestra Boosters.



In Class Assignments

Weekly Assignments


Late/Missing Assignments


Concert Attendance

Orchestra is a performance-based course. Therefore, students are REQUIRED to attend all performances listed on the Calendar of Events. Students will receive a grade based upon attendance at these concerts. This grade will be based purely upon the level of participation in the performance. It is expected that students stay for the entirety of the concert to receive credit.

Absence Policy

All students are REQUIRED to attend all sectionals, after school rehearsals, and performances. I realize that some situations warrant an excused absence from events. Excused absences will be considered for the following reasons:

Excused absences are granted at the discretion of the director. Please adhere to the following timeline when requesting excused absences:

All absences require communication between the parent and director. Verbal or written excuses from students are not acceptable. If you have an unexcused absence from either a rehearsal or concert, you may not be eligible to attend non-mandatory orchestra trips. 


Students who participate in Orchestra for three years qualify for a G.H.S. Orchestra Letter.  Students qualifying for the Letter must perform in all concerts, rehearsals, and participate each year in the fundraiser with no unexcused absences.  Letters will be presented at the End of the Year Awards Reception.  Students will also receive awards for dedication, outstanding achievement, and improvement.


When sending emails to your teacher you need to include the following:

DO NOT SHARE DOCUMENTS WITH Mr. Nelson via email. All assignments need to be turned into their proper turn in locations. See the original assignments for that info.