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Book chapters

Chapters in books – in press

  • MAC NAUGHTON, G. - Early childhood. In Oxford Bibliographies Online: Childhood Studies, Oxford University Press,
  • MAC NAUGHTON, G. - Equity Issues in Early Childhood Teacher Learning in Australia, C. Mitakidou, E. Tressou, B. Blue Swadener, & C. Grant (Eds.) Beyond Pedagogies of Exclusion: Transnational Challenges , Palgrave-Macmillan.

Chapters in books – published

  • MAC NAUGHTON, G. - Romantic love among peers in the preschool classroom: A response to Samira Madrid, in Education Toddlers to Teachers: learning to See and Influence the School and Peer Cultures of Classrooms, D. Fernie, R. Kantor & S. Madrid (Eds). Hampton Press, Discourse and Social Processes Education Series. (2011) Link here to further information
  • MAC NAUGHTON, G. & SMITH, K. - Children’s Rights in Early Childhood , in M.J. Kehily (Ed.) Introduction to Early Childhood Studies, 2nd Edition, Open University Press/McGraw Hill (2009).
  • CRUZ, M. MACNAUGHTON, G. & ROLFE, S. – Children’s issues in Australia. The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Children's Issues Worldwide. Greenwood Publishing Group, USA. (2008)
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  • MACNAUGHTON, G. – Early childhood education. B. Bank (Ed.) Gender and Education: An Encyclopaedia. Greenwood Press, USA. 2007. (pp. 263 – 269)
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  • MACNAUGHTON, G. & GUNN, A. - Gender issues in early childhood education. In . L. Keesing-Styles & H. Hedges (Eds.) Critical Issues in Early Childhood Education in Australia and New Zealand, Pademelon Press, Sydney. 2007. (pp. 121 – 136).
  • MAC NAUGHTON, G. & SMITH, K. Exploring ethics and difference: the choices and challenges of researching with children. In A. Farrell (Ed.) Exploring ethical research with children, Open University Press. (2005) (pp. 112 - 123).
  • MACNAUGHTON, G. - Exploring critical constructivist perspectives on children’s learning. In A. Anning, J. Cullen & M. Fleer (Eds). Early Childhood Education: Society and Culture, Sage Publications, London. (2004) (pp. 43 – 56).
  • MACNAUGHTON, G. - Learning from young children about social diversity: challenges for our equity practices in the classroom. In . A. van Keulen (Ed.) Young Children Aren’t Biased, Are they? B.V. Uitgeverij SWP: Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (2004a) (pp. 65 – 76),
  • MAC NAUGHTON, G. - Rethinking gender in early childhood pedagogies. In Wassilios E. Fthenakis / Pamela Oberhuemer (Eds.) Frühpädagogik international: Bildungsqualität im Blickpunkt Early childhood curriculum issues: international perspectives, VERLAG, (2004b) (pp. 345 – 355.)
  • CAMPBELL, S. MACNAUGHTON, G. PAGE, J. & ROLFE, S.- Beyond quality, advancing social justice and equity: interdisciplinary explorations of working for equity and social justice in early childhood education. Volume 13 of Advances in Early Education and Day Care. S. Reiffel (Ed.). JAI Press an Imprint of Elseverier Science. (2004) (pp. 55 - 91 )
  • MACNAUGHTON, G. - The possibilities and challenges of ‘not knowing’: early childhood teachers’ knowledge and thinking in uncertain times, in B. Spodek and O. Saracho (Eds), Studying Teaching in Early Childhood Settings, Information Age Publishing, USA. (2003) (pp. 29 – 42)
  • MACNAUGHTON, G. - Equal Opportunities: Unsettling Myths. In T. David (ed). Advances in Early Childhood Education. London: JAI Press an Imprint of Elseverier Science. (2001) (pp. 211 - 226)
  • MACNAUGHTON, G. & HUGHES, P. - Fractured or Manufactured: Gendered Identity and Culture in the Early Years. In S. Grieshaber and G. Cannella (Eds). Embracing Identities in Early Childhood Education: Diversity and Possibilities. New York: Teachers College Press. (2001) (pp. 114-132).
  • MACNAUGHTON, G. - Good Teacher or Feminist Teacher: Rethinking the Ethics of Teaching in Early Childhood. In J. Jipson and R. Johnson (Eds.) Representation and Resistance in Early Childhood Research, Theory and Practice. New York: Peter Lang Publishers. (2000). (pp. 59 - 76 )
  • MACNAUGHTON, G. & HUGHES, P. - Take the Money and Run: Toys, Consumerism and Capitalism in Early Childhood Conferences. In L. Soto Diaz (Ed.) The Politics of Early Childhood Education. Peter Lang Publishers, New York. (2000). (pp. 85 –98)
  • MACNAUGHTON, G. - Improving Our Gender Equity ‘Tools’: A Case For Discourse Analysis. In N. Yelland (Ed.) Gender in Early Childhood. Routledge, London. (1998). (pp. 149 - 174)

Australian Publishers

  • HUGHES, P. & MAC NAUGHTON, G. - Building meaning partnerships between staff and families. In E. Dau (Ed.). Enhancing Children's Development (Tertiary Press, Australia): pp 222 – 248. (2003).
  • MAC NAUGHTON, G. & NEWMAN, B. - Masculinities and Men in Early Childhood: Reconceptualising our Theory and Our Practice. In E. Dau & B. Creaser (Eds.) Anti-Bias Curriculum: An Australian Perspective, Addison Wesley Longman, Sydney. (2001) (pp. 63 – 82).
  • MAC NAUGHTON, G., NEWMAN, B., ANDREW, Y., PAYNE, C., BAIRD, J., HOLMES, R., & DEAN, S. - Mother goose meets Mardi Gras: Lesbian and Gay Issues in Early Childhood, In E. Dau & B. Creaser (Eds.) Anti-Bias Curriculum: An Australian Perspective, Addison Wesley Longman, Sydney. (2001) (pp. 45 – 59).
  • MAC NAUGHTON, G. - Even Pink Tents Have Glass Ceilings: Crossing the Gender Boundaries in Pretend Play. In E. Dau (Ed.) Child’s Play: Revisiting Play in Early Childhood Settings. Maclennan & Petty, Sydney. (1998) (pp. 81 – 96).
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  • MAC NAUGHTON, G. - A Poststructuralist Analysis Of Children’s Learning. In M. Fleer (Ed.) DAPcentrism: Challenging Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Australian Early Childhood Association, Waton, ACT. (1995). (pp.35-54).
  • MAC NAUGHTON, G. - The Gender Factor in Anti-Bias Approaches to Observation. In E. Dau and B. Creaser (Eds.) Anti-Bias Curriculum: An Australian Perspective, Addison Wesley Longman, Sydney. (1995). (pp.51-71).
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