Ceud míle fàilte!

Alastair Mhor, Champion of Clan Grant, c. 1714, Richard Waitt

Please don't let our ferocious mustachioed friend above put you off.  You are welcome to the Glen of the Celt!

The greeting above means  "one hundred thousand welcomes" in Gaìdhlig {Scottish Gaelic}, one of the Celtic family of Indo-European languages. 

Celtic languages include: Gaeilge {Irish Gaelic}, Gaelg {Manx}, Cymraeg {Welsh}, Kernewek  {Cornish}, and Kernevek (Breton}, as well as the ancient Gaulish languages and Celtiberian of Classical times.

(Galicia, in NW Spain, is still considered a Celtic region by some, including many Galicians, though in its present form, their language (Gallego) is more akin to Portuguese.)

The Glen is a place for those with interest in all things Celtic. There are stories here about the people, their history, songs, music, and much else of interest.

I seek to present the most accurate and complete information possible, garnered in over a half-century of study. Knowing that one person is incapable of knowing everything (in my case far from it, and the more so as I get older!), I recognize my limitations and the potential for errata, no matter how careful the  study and editing. So please excuse any errors, and feel free to help me correct any you find.

I welcome all who would contribute to the effort - either with skills, articles, information, corrections, music, art, financially, or...? (All submissions must be in digital format and are subject to review. They must meet at least basic academic criteria and standards, must not be subject to copyright, and include permission to publish. Posting will be at my sole discretion.)

I hope that you will enjoy what is offered. 

lé gach dúrachd máth,