Eighth Avenue Concerns:

This letter was sent via email to the GNRA, Mayor Wright, Jim Lowrie-Engineering Dept. and Jim Hurst-Planning Department.
As of June 10th no response has been received from the City Planning and Engineering Departments.
  My name is Darryl Doray and my wife and I moved into Glenbrooke North (100 block Durham St) almost 9 years ago. We
were pleased with the proximity of schools, parks, and grocery stores - liking the idea of having the necessities within
walking distance. I did my homework on the area -  I went to the library, city hall, land title to get info, and went to
Glenbrook North Resident meetings as well, to hear what was current.
It seemed the area had lots of potential as a family-friendly neighborhood.

My point is this: 8th Ave is a critically dangerous place - I do not ride my bike with my kids after school (during the
week) nor on Sat - its far too dangerous.
What are the plans for 8th avenue between 1st and SAFEway? 
If I could suggest a few things (BEFORE the 150 suites become occupied);

1)Put a double-wide sidewalk on BOTH sides of 8th Ave.
between 1st and Safeway.
2)Put a proper crosswalk at 1st St. with overhead
flashers, pedestrian-controlled.
3)Put traffic-calmed neighborhood signage on 1st
WITH  a possible speedbump.
4)Stop people from speeding east-bound on 8th in the CURB
lane(in their attempt to cut in - this is going to end up with a
fatality).  5)Fix the alignment of trees and lightpoles
along Safeways` 8th Ave - although its a 10 foot sidewalk - it`s
more like 4-5, and when its raining and Safeways awnings are
dumping rain - it`s much less.
Any thoughts?