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Eighth Avenue Traffic & Safety Concerns

Glenbrooke North traffic issues:
1.  Crosswalks to be marked on the roadway from each corner, at the intersection of Fifth Street and Eighth Avenue. Reason: Safety of pedestrians crossing a busy traffic corridor. 
2.  Pedestrian activated crosswalk to be installed at Eighth Avenue at Fourth Street (by the daycare) Reason: Safety of school children crossing a busy traffic corridor walking daily to Herbert Spencer     Elementary & Ecole Glenbrook Middle School.
3. Removal of the right-hand merging bus lane on Eighth Avenue westbound after Colborne Street.  Reason: The bus doesn't require another city block to change lanes. To stop the vehicles who use the Right Turn ONLY lane, from cutting in front of the through traffic in the left-hand lane.  To provide parking for the residents  of  the EightWest condo building and customers of the commercial businesses, by installing parking spots to the Colborne Street corner.
4. Removal of one parking spot on Eighth Ave at the First Street crosswalk and a larger protruding sidewalk for increased pedestrian sight of oncoming traffic on a busy traffic corridor.
5. NO RIGHT TURN signs installed on 10th. Avenue from 3-6 pm at 2nd/4th/and 5th. Streets to stop racing through the neighbourhood during evening rush hour. 
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