Our May 25, 2017, meeting topic is Transportation: Vehicle traffic and Pedestrian safety 

1) Presentation by the Pattullo Bridge Replacement Team on how comment's from last year's consultation have been incorporated into the design, and next steps for consultation.
2) Presentation on Glenbrooke North transportation issues, with a question and answer period by Kanny Chow, M.Eng, P.Eng, PTOE, Transportation Engineer, City of NW

The Glenbrooke North Traffic Survey is available below. Please complete and bring to the May meeting.

This issue has been satisfactorily resolved. The Translink Bus #128 now travels between SkyTrain stations and not through this neighbourhood street.

Translink Buses #154 travelling down 5th Street and through our Glenbrooke North neighbourhood
This has been a long-standing concern for the residents who live along the bus route on 5th Street. It is not just the noise and added exhaust pollution, its also the smaller speed bumps and no traffic circle to accommodate the buses. There is nothing to slow commuting traffic from racing along 5th Street when 6th and 8th Avenue's are blocked with traffic as there is on 4th Street, 2nd Street and 1st Street.
NW City Traffic Committee has advised that the #154 bus coming from 22nd Street Skytrain Station must turn at 6th Avenue onto 5th Street  and then turn at 5th Street onto 8th Avenue going to Braid Street Skytrain Station because they are unable to turn at the corner of 6th Street and 8th Avenue. Below are photo's showing the corners of 6th St/8th Ave and 5th St/8th Ave for comparison.

The best route for the #154 bus is for it to leave the 22nd Street Skytrain station and travel along Eighth Avenue straight to the Braid Street Skytrain Station. This route passes in front of the NW Secondary School and the Massey Theatre, both locations presently with out bus service. 

A G.N.R.A Traffic sub-committee was formed and had their first meeting on Thursday June 9, 2011. Through persistent effort the sub-committee has convinced Translink to change the bus route and it is expected to be implemented late 2013.