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House Fire: July 8th, 2010

Update on home at 806 Fourth Street as of November 2010. A demolition permit has been issued and the house is in the process of being demolished.
  House Fire in Glenbrooke North, July 8th, 2010

Photo's from Thursday evening, July 8th house fire. The second house in from the corner on 4th Street and 8th Avenue had a fire. There was a lot of smoke but there was no visible sign of damage on the exterior. 8th Avenue was closed for several hours which forced cars to detour through the neighborhood.

The fire was at the house in the
centre of the photo showing a
fireman exiting the home. 
Lots of firemen and fire trucks.
Looking along 8th Ave towards
2nd St showing Police cars
blocking off 2nd Street and 4th Street.
Looking along 8th Ave towards
5th St at the police car closing
 off 8th Ave at 5th Street.
Emergency vehicles responding
to a 2nd emergency in a car
parked on 8th Ave. between 4th
 and 2nd Streets.