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Police Incident: July 19th, 2010

posted Jul 20, 2010, 12:43 PM by Marya McLellan   [ updated Oct 12, 2010, 4:49 PM ]
More excitement in Glenbrooke North. First indication something was happening  was when a man in his mid 20 - 30s, bald, lean body, light t-shirt & jeans came walking through our backyard. As we have a 6 -7 foot fence completely enclosed backyard, where did this man come from? He had run through 309 7th Ave, jumped the fence at the corner of 3 properties, landed on a tree and broke the trellis leaning against the fence. The Police later confirmed that they had been chasing him with dogs for 10 blocks starting from Queens Avenue. After leaving the property at 310 Durham, he ran across the street and down the driveway of 309 Durham, was confronted by another neighbour, turned around and jumped over a small fence at 311 and realizing he was trapped, jumped back over another small fence and ran down Durham Street just as a Police cruiser drove by. The Police car stopped and the Police Officer jumped out and shouted "Rocky stop, you are caught". She then persued him on foot down Durham Street. Rocky goes through another Durham Street property and is now in the backyard of 226 - 8th Ave. He jumps another two fences 6+ feet high into 224 8th Ave where he squeezes through a small opening between a fence and garage and is finally stopped and handcuffed by the Police next to a vintage beautifully restored 1957 Pontiac. The N.W. Police had set up road blocks along 8th Avenue so traffic was again routed through G.N. but they were sucessful, they got Rocky.