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Thank you to everyone who attended or made food or helped in any way at the Feb 28th Sunday School Seminar.



 Sunday School classes

are held during the 10 am Sunday morning service.

At present, our classes consist of:

Youngest: up to 9 yrs old  Classes during July/Aug not guaranteed

 The younger group's study was developed by Gospel Light for ages 6-11 yrs. This group can easily accommodae younger or older childen if needed. This curriculum is more interactive and reallly impresses God's Word in a variety of ways.



Middle:     Tweenies (10-12)   No classes during July/Aug 

The older group (Grades 5-7) has one leader, Maurice. 




Teen:       13+   No classes during July/Aug 








 Mentoring Program

Kids:  Your mentor is very fond of you.

They are here to help you, to pray for you, and to give council where and when it is needed.

Remember to pray for your mentor.