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July 12 - Jessica Draper

July 19 - Dianne Bonk

July 26 -

The Keller's


If you are unable to lead worship on the date you are scheduled, please ask someone else ahead of time to do it for you. Thank you.



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Meet our Worship leaders:  


The Keller Family 

A good mix of contemporary  and 'down-home' gospel music.__________________ 

Jessica Draper  

This teen favours contemporary music.   She is sometimes accompanied by her dad on his guitar.


Lori Ennis  

                                             With her guitar and beat box, Lori leads us in an acoustic mix of contempory music and old favourites.  


 Dianne Bonk:  

 Dianne's music empasis is hymns;  singing those old favorites that bring comfort and joy. 


Holly-Lee Lambert

entertained us during the Valentine's Dessert Auction fundraiser for Youth


 The Rawling Brothers Concert:

Although the concert is over, you can still buy their music. Click on the link and you'll be able to hear samples of their CD's as well as do your ordering.


The Link Family:

This award-winning bluegrass family from Missouri visited us in August 2008. Please go here to listen to and order their CD's.If you didn't see them in concert at COTH, then their DVD on the left is a reasonable facsimile.


Special Music

Nikita & Desiree played a Christmas duet on Dec 21st.


Noah played  piano for us on Nov 23.



Let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song

Psalms 95:2


  Let them praise His name with dancing
       and make music to Him with tambourine and harp. 

Psalms 149:3