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Blessed are ye that hunger now; for ye shall be filled. Blessed are ye that weep now; for ye shall laugh.

Luke 6:21


Prayer Needs 


Sue (health)

Gwen -Anita's friend (health)

Ben & Erin (decisions)

Gina (health)

Frank's great-nephew (below)

Rhonda (complete healing)

Blair (decisions)

Larry - Rose's son (health)

Garth & Pauline (guidance)

Pauline (health)

Brett - Kathy's son

Scott (health)

Samantha H (growing pains)

Stacey (health)

The Little Family (house fire)

Nikita (pneumonia)

Braxten (pneumonia)

Desiree (ankle) see below

Samantha G (life issures)

Michael & Katlin (life issues)



Lori (Sue)

Tory (health)

Karen K (health)

Tara (health)

Dianne (health) 

Jack (health)

Lisa (Rod&Karen - health)

Sharon (health)

Les (Bonk's neighbor - health)

Ed & Freida (family matter)

Ian (Barb E's dad - health)

Jill (Tammy's aunt - health)

Rose (health)

Dennis (health)

Jason(Lorette's nephew/health)

Kathy's mom

Brad & Dionne (comfort)

Bruce (health)

Monique (health)

Marni (health)

Nurse S.T. (health)

Mary (Anita's mom - health)


 Please pray for Frank's great-nephew's family. They 4 boys with muscular dystrophy. Pray for healing for the boys and strength for the family.


Please pray for the youth. Not only that they have a thirst for Him, but also that He will not let anyone stand in the way of those who wish to follow Him.


Please pray for strength and complete healing for

Rhonda and Nurse S.T.


Continue to pray for

Linda and her family for God's continued guidance and grace for all of them.   




Pray for the missionaries including the ones in restricted countries that keep a low profile.


 Continue to pray for our church families and their extended families


God answers prayer!





Now available at the church:

- Jun-Jul-Aug Daily Bread

- encouragement cards (if you know someone who needs one)

- Sermons on CD (Pastor Lorne, Maurice Giroux, Lyle Stoll)

- Business cards - take some and let people know about our church



12 - 10 am     Easter Morning Worship & Sunday School  

12 - 6:30 pm  Ashley flies in from Australian - pray for her flight

15 -                Bible Study postponed until Sept due to seeding, haying

19 - 10 am     Morning Worship & Sunday School  

19 - 6:30 pm  Youth Fundraiser Scottish Supper at the Moonlight Cafe in Montmartre. Advance tickets avail from Noelle until April 15 then the price goes up. Eat Scottish food and possibly a piper.

25 -                 Amber & Curtis Wedding

26 - 10 am        Morning Worship & Sunday School  


3 -  10 am -      Morning Worship & Sunday School  



Thank you to:

Maurice, Ben and Rick

for working on the renovations to the office.

Thank you for the new cupboards.

They look awesome!


Special News on our Overseas Members

Apr 12 (Easter Sunday) Ashlee flies in from Australia

This summer - Eva will be back to visit from Germany

Nikki in Australia has been accepted into medical school. Yay Nikki!!!


At the beginning of this New Year, let us make an extra effort to pray regularly for the Youth Group that there will be lasting commitments to the Lord.


 Mentoring Program

The new Mentorship list has been made. Please check to see who you will be mentoring this coming year, and begin ministering the blessings of God into that person's life. This program brings awesome rewards to those who diligently take part. Some ideas:

Remember birthdays • Have lunch together at the Cafe • Exchange little funny gifts • Read a book together • Show some unexpected kindness • Telephone each other once in awhile • Pray for each other • Listen to each other • Go Christmas shopping together • Cook together and invite the whole family!

I'm sure you can think of lots of other things to do, also 




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