Our Sponsored Child

We have sponsored a number of children in the care of Children   in Distress over the last few years, our current                  sponsored child is Cristina.


About Cristina

Cristina was born in July 2011 and has lived at St Margaret’s Hospice since October 2012. Cristina was actually born in Hungary to Romanian parents but after her birth steps were taken to have her returned home. Unfortunately Cristina has had no contact with any family members, including her parents.

Cristina was diagnosed with congenital hydrocephaly, which was treated with surgery, but she is mentally and physically retarded. She is taken care of by staff at St Margaret’s around the clock because of her age and condition.

Cristina’s overall state of health is good and during the therapy sessions to stimulate her senses Cristina is very active.

Following exercise and movement therapies, Cristina has improved her balance and is able to maintain a sitting position or be on her hands and knees for a short period.


Cristina's physiotherapist has recommended as a priority the use of orthotics for her legs, one for her hand and a pair of orthopedic boots. Her therapist is very optimistic about Cristina's recovery after she uses them. They will help to correct the position of her body and in the future be able to walk.

The cost of these pieces of equipment is around £300 and their impact will be considerable. Cristina will wear them until her deformations have been reduced.

Cristina now has her equipment and is working with the physiotherapists. More information and photos on the notice board in the foyer and on their website http://www.childrenindistress.org/news.php?pid=649&page=1


About Children in Distress

Children in Distress is small UK based charity which spends its donation income caring for infants and children who need it most. It has not amassed a large unspent reserve which means it is dependent on the generosity and kindness of its supporters. Every penny of every pound donated is vital to its work and makes possible the exceptional care offered by its dedicated doctors and nurses, and the life changing therapy delivered by its team of therapists.


The charity’s projects generously share their professional expertise to demonstrate that its well run hospices, child development and therapy centres, school for children with autism, sheltered housing and holiday projects, and community based education and welfare programmes, can save lives and shape better futures.


All of this is only possible with the help and generosity of Children in Distress’ family of supporters.

For more information about Children in Distress, see their website. www.childrenindistress.org

If you would like to sponsor a child with Children in Distress, see their website http://www.childrenindistress.org/sponsorship.php