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Wesley Meets Molly

In the future we hope to have lots of stories of Wesley and his adventures, but for now, here is his very first story, written and illustrated by the Sunday School.
Wesley Meets Molly






 Cunning Clive the Cat knew where Molly lived.

Can you see Molly peeping out of her window?


Molly was hiding in her house, Wesley saw Clive waiting for Molly.

Molly was squeaking for help!





Wesley thinks "What Would Jesus do?"

He must help Molly, but how?






 Wesley distracts Clive with a ball of wool and leads him to the forest.







 Wesley throws the ball of wool up into a tree and Clive chases it.






 Wesley goes back to Molly and tells her it is safe to come out.






Wesley takes her to his safe house, at church.



Wesley and Molly become friends.

Molly wants to be just like Wesley.




Where you go, I go, Your God is my God.

Ruth 1 

Molly will be joining Wesley in his future adventures.