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Wesley tells Molly a very special story

The second story, written by the Sunday school and told with their help!

Wesley tells Molly about the birth of Jesus (with some help from the Sunday school)

Wesley took Molly to hide in the Christmas tree, to watch the story about the birth of Jesus.

Can you spot Wesley and Molly?


Molly wasn’t the only one learning about Jesus. In the story, aliens had crashed on Earth and they learned the story of Jesus’ birth too!


An angel came to tell Mary and Joseph that Mary was going to have a baby and that they should call him Jesus.


Mary and Joseph had to travel a very, very long way to Bethlehem because of the census. They got ready to travel on foot, with a donkey to help carry the bags and Mary.

 When Mary and Joseph got to Bethlehem they had to find somewhere to stay. It was very busy, so they had to stay in a stable

Mary had her baby in the stable and called him Jesus.


The angels told some shepherds about the birth of Jesus. They sent the shepherds to the stable to see Him.


Three kings followed a star and found Jesus in the stable. The kings brought special gifts, gold, frankincense and myrrh.


The shepherds and the kings worshipped baby Jesus in the stable.


Everybody celebrated the birth of Jesus, and the Aliens went off to tell everyone.


Wesley told Molly that we all need to tell everybody about Jesus.

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