Historical Thinking Skills

Establish Historical Significance
How do we decide what and whose stories to tell?

Use Primary Source Evidence
How do we know what we know?

Identify Continuity & Change
Does change always mean progress?

Analyze Cause & Consequence
What are the causes that are hidden from view?

Take Historical Perspectives
How can we ever understand the past?

Understand Ethical Dimensions of History
What do historical injustices and sacrifice mean for us today?

Try applying these 6 Historical Concepts
The Oka Crisis

World War I
The Twenties and The Depression (CBC Learning)
World War II, 1950s and Cold War (CBC Learning)
The 1960s, 1970s (CBC Learning)
The 1980s and 1990s (CBC Learning)
The 1990s-- and Our Place in the World
Prime Ministers
Videos: See Ms. Brown for access.
The Good, Bright Days (1919-1927)
Sunshine and Eclipse (1927-1934)
Twilight of an Era (1934-1939)
The Arrow (1997)
 General History Sites
CHM4E Adventures in History

CHW3M World History to the Sixteenth Century
CHT3O World History Since 1900

CHY4U World History: The West and the World

1600-1800 Assignment
 Sample Approaches
 Russian/Soviet Union
CHA3U American History
Ancient Archaeological Sites
The Map as History site
 Animated maps with sound