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MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE: Queerty and Joe.My.God are two of the most popular blogspots. It is mindblowing the way bloggers blog these days. Screaming for our attention, they demand to be heard. At least some of the time, they succeed in feeding our appetite for juicy bits and pieces of the truth, or even real breaking news that rivals what all-news TV channels are giving us. FULL TEXT OF ARTICLE


GLBT COMMUNITY FINDS LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP ONLINE: Dating in the 21st century has changed quite a bit in just the past five years or so. One of the most common ways of finding a mate is through online dating websites. Online dating is popular because of the ease of use and the selection of quality people. One of the great aspects of online dating is that many sites cater to alternative lifestyles. Gay or lesbian individuals can now easily find someone without having to attend special events or go to gay bars. Online dating has opened up a whole new world for these people. FULL TEXT OF ARTICLE


UNDERSTANDING THE GAY TEEN: In the past, it could be said that talking to your teens about sexuality was relatively straightforward. These discussions normally centered on the average heterosexual relationships without any reference to alternative sexualities such as homosexual and bisexual orientations. However, it is imperative in modern society to teach our children about alternative sexual orientations and tolerance of those differences. FULL TEXT OF ARTICLE



chester's Gay Village, which is centered around Canal Street, close to the Chinese center, has just about recovered from being featured in the popular BBC series Queer as Folk

when it became the destination of hen and stag nights, giving it an almost zoo-like status. The reason it was chosen as the location for the series is because it has been around for quite a while and is the gay party capital of the U.K. There are so many clubs and pubs that there is very little room for anything else. If the canal were to freeze over, they would build at least three clubs on the ice. FULL TEXT OF ARTICLE


IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS FOR GLBT COUPLES WHO ARE READY TO BUY INTO THE AMERICAN DREAM: The American dream of home ownership usually demands some rather peculiar legal considerations for GLBT couples, since the law doesn’t treat GLBT couples with the same respect and consideration reserved for those who can waltz into any 24-hour chapel of love in Las Vegas and get legally married. But Sin City recently passed a new ordinance that may curtail the hours for all-night marriage chapels, so who knows what might happen next? Maybe one of these years legislation will also end the 24-hour ban on GLBT marriages. FULL TEXT OF ARTICLE


COLLABORATIVE LAW AND COACHING GROW IN POPULARITY AMONG GLBT COUPLES WHO'VE DECIDED TO SEPARATE: Collaborative law is a process that has been used in the GLBT community for resolving issues between partners and/or co-parents who want permanent, legal separation. This is especially valuable because it circumvents the use of court judges to adjudicate issues of separation where the law has yet to be tested sufficiently for case law to have arrived at reasonable solutions to the issues of rights of community property in domestic partnerships and to healthy resolution of custody and visitation rights in GLBT families. When litigated, these issues can easily wind up taking large amounts of time over the complexity of case law, cost substantial amounts of money for legal advocacy, and cause complicated, long-lasting emotional consternation. FULL TEXT OF ARTICLE


BISEXUALITY: MYTHS AND REALITIES: Diversity is one of the buzzwords of our culture today. But one group stands out by its absence: bisexuals. Who talks about bisexuality? If your partner is the opposite gender, you are considered straight; if not, you are gay or lesbian. Period. The in-between nature of bisexuality is uncomfortable for many of us. We tend to think dualistically, putting things neatly into boxes labeled black or white, good or bad, male or female. Bisexuality challenges our dualistic concept of sexuality. The truth is that people don’t fit neatly into boxes! FULL TEXT OF ARTICLE


FEMINIZATION HYPNOSIS GROWS IN POPULARITY: It's been gaining a lot of buzz lately, but many people still don't know what feminization hypnosis is or even what it does. The technique is one that's hot among transvestites, the transgendered, and transsexuals for helping them most accurately adopt the persona of the woman trapped inside their male bodies. Feminization hypnosis is, at its heart, nothing more than regular hypnosis. Feminization hypnosis, however, does not seek to teach a patient to live life without overeating, smoking, or some other vice. Instead, feminization hypnosis seeks to break down the psychological barriers that prevent a man trapped in a woman's body from truly becoming a woman. FULL TEXT OF ARTICLE


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