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NOTE: For a more comprehensive list of notable gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals, see any of the following sites:

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Aarons, Leroy F. (1933—2004): American journalist.

Achmat, Zackie (1962—): South African AIDS/GLBT activist.

Achtenburg, Roberta (1950—): American politician

Acito, Marc (1966—): American author

Ackroyd, Peter (1949—): English author

Addams, Jane (1860—1935): American social reformer.

Ailey, Alvin (1931—1989): American dancer/choreographer.

Albee, Edward (1928—): American playwright

Allen, Peter (1944—1992): Australian entertainer

Allison, Dorothy (1949—): American writer

Almodovar, Pedro (1949—): Spanish film director

Appiah, Kwame Anthony (1954—): Ghanaian philosopher/writer

Armstrong, Billie Joe (1972—): American singer/guitarist; lead singer for Green Day

Aron, Jean-Paul (1925—1988): French writer

Asquith, Anthony (1902—1968): English film director

Au, Alex (1952—): Singaporean civil rights activist and writer

Auden, W.H. (1907—1973): English poet

Bacon, Francis (1561—1626): English philosopher

Baez, Joan (1941—): American folksinger

Baker, Josephine (1906—1975): American-born French entertainer

Baldwin, James (1924—1987): American writer

Barker, Clive (1952—): English author and film director

Bates, Alan (1934—2003): English actor

Bates, Katherine Lee (1859—1929): American songwriter

Bean, Billy (1964—): American baseball player

Beaton, Cecil (1904—1980): English photographer and theatrical set/costume designer

Beauvoir, Simone de (1908—1986): French writer and philosopher

Behan, Brendan (1923—1964): Irish writer and playwright

Berger, Helmut (1944—): Austian actor

Bernstein, Leonard (1918—1990): American composer and orchestral director

Bjork (1965—): Icelandic singer and musician

Bogarde, Dirk (1921—1999): English actor

Bonheur, Rosa (1822—1899): French painter and sculptor

Bonin, William George (1947—1996): American serial killer

Brand, Dionne (1953—): Canadian writer

Burgess, Guy (1911—1963): English spy

Burr, Raymond (1917—1993): Canadian actor

Lord Byron (1788—1824): English poet

Caligula (12—41 AD): Roman emperor

Capote, Truman (1924—1984): American writer

Caravaggio (1571—1610): Italian artist

Carne, Judy (1939—): English actress

Cather, Willa (1873—1947): American writer

Cheung, Leslie (1956—2003): Hong Kong actor and musician

Clift, Montgomery (1920—1966): American actor

Cocteau, Jean (1889—1963): French artist, writer, and filmmaker

Corelli, Arcangelo (1653—1713): Italian composer

Crane, Hart (1899—1932): American poet

Cumming, Alan (1965—): Scottish actor

Cunanan, Andrew (1969—1997): American serial killer