Meeting Documents - (Old)

Minutes & Agendas

Note: This page is outdated. Changes to the GLBT News blog and ALA Connect make it so the Web Committee no longer needs to process the documents. - David Isaak GLBTRT Web Chair 9/30/2014

The below work flow will be followed by a GLBTRT Web Committee Member when processing and posting Meeting agenda/minutes documents to the GLBTRT website.

The agenda/minutes file will be sent in as a Microsoft Word document. The file will be sent from the GLBTRT Secretary.

After receiving this file from the GLBTRT Secretary, the responsible Website Committee member will:

  • process the agenda/minutes document in the manner outlined in the below screenshots and instructions;
  • verify the new PDF document with the GLBTRT Secretary;
  • after receiving changes/suggests/acceptance from the Newsletter Editor (applying changes if needed);
  • publish the agenda/minutes in the appropriate file on the GLBTRT website's Meetings & Events page;
  • verify the posted Agenda/Minutes can be opened/downloaded from the GLBTRT website;
  • notify the GLBTRT Secretary the file is posted the Secretary can email both the GLBTRT members and Steering Committee email lists about the release of the meeting minutes.

Steering Committee I & II agenda/minutes are taken during both Annual Conference and Midwinter Meetings.

GLBTRT Agenda and Meeting Templates

If the GLBTRT Secretary is not using the following minutes template, the responsible Website Committee member will place the agenda/minutes supplied by the Secretary into the following templates and send that version back to the Secretary for approval.

Processing the PDF of the GLBTRT Meeting Minutes

This tutorial is shown with Adobe Professional 9.

1. Open the Microsoft Word document and Save as PDF.

2.  In Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, Select "Properties" from the File menu.

3. In the Properties window, select the "Description" tab and fill in the appropriate information.

See the below image. Cut and paste the below text for fields. NOTE that the Title Field has variable areas that need to be filled in such as year and if the meeting took place at Annual Conference or Midwinter Meeting.

Description Tab text:

Title Field: (note the variable areas)

Steering Committee [I OR II] Meeting Minutes; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Round Table (GLBTRT) of the American Library Association (ALA) [YEAR] [Annual Conference OR Midwinter Meeting], [CITY, STATE]

Author Field: (note the variable areas)

[Secretary's Name]; GLBTRT Secretary

Subject Field:

Minutes and proceedings. American Library Association -- Gay & Lesbian Task Force -- Minutes and proceedings; American Library Association -- Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Task Force -- Minutes and proceedings; American Library Association -- Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Round Table -- Minutes and proceedings; Libraries and sexual minorities -- United States; Libraries and gays -- United States; Libraries and transgender people -- United States; Gay librarians -- United States; Bisexual librarians -- United States; Transgender librarians -- United States;

Click on the "Additional Metadata" button.

4. Fill in the "Author Title" field (should be in the field with the Author's name) and "Description Writer" field should have your name and title.

5.  Click on the "Initial View" tab in the "Document Properties" window and make the below selections.

6. Click on the "Advanced" tab in the "Document Properties" window and select "English."

7.  Create bookmarks for all the headings, subheadings AND MOTIONS in the document.  Use the Minutes from SC I or II meeting from 2010 Midwinter as an example.  Two levels of depth in headings is normal (from a Roman Numeral to a lowercase letter).  Note that Motions should be nested beneath the heads/conversations that elicited them.

8. The bookmarks should look like the below.

9. Save the PDF file with this name convention.

Midwinter Meeting Documents:
  • 2010-mw-sc1-agenda
  • 2010-mw-sc1-minutes
Annual Conference Documents:
  • 2010-a-sc1-agenda
  • 2010-a-sc1-minutes

10. Upload the file to the web site, in the Newsletter section.

The current file is always linked on the Newsletter page and the Newsletter Back-Issue page.  Update both those links.

Place the link for the previous Newsletter in the Back-Issues table.