LibraryThing Administration


  • promote LGBTQ titles in LibraryThing
  • promote the GLBTRT's Stonewall Book Award books and book list books in LibraryThing
  • use and maintain consistent tags to define which lists titles appear on
  • leverage LibraryThing plugins to display cover art of books around the GLBTRT web presence


In 2009, the GLBTRT Web Committee began experimenting with maintaining a presence on LibraryThing. After nearly two years it is clear that the committee can maintain a GLBTRT 'collection' in LibraryThing with minimal effort with one volunteer if only adding items listed on the book awards and two book lists.

GLBTRT Profile:


Using consistent tags is one of the most important things to observe in managing this account. The widgets (things that display our LibraryThing collection on our websites and blogs) used all around the GLBTRT web presence, rely on tags. Don't change tags -- If you do, you will need to update all LT widgets.

Content model for all tags:

  • GLBTRT, [book award/list tag],  [could be on a second or third book award/list tag], [year of the award/list]

Stonewall Tags

Tags for Stonewall books involve the below possible elements.  Over time the names of the awards have changed.  The Stonewall Book Awards List lists all the names of the awards correctly.
  • Stonewall Book Awards
    • Barbara Gittings Literature Award
    • Israel Fishman Non-Fiction Award
    • Mike Morgan & Larry Romans Children’s and Young Adult Literature Award
    • Stonewall Honor Books in Children & Young Adult
    • Stonewall Honor Books in Literature
    • Stonewall Honor Books in Non-Fiction
    • (Older Award Names):
      • Literature Award
      • Non-Fiction Award
      • Stonewall Literature Finalists (need to add this tag to these books)
      • Stonewall Non-Fiction Finalists (need to add this tag to these books )
    • (from 1971 to 1989, there are no official names given to awards)  These books are all tagged in this manned: Stonewall Book Awards, 1975
Examples of Stonewall book tags:
  • GLBTRT, The Mike Morgan & Larry Romans Children’s and Young Adult Literature Award, Stonewall Book Awards, Rainbow Books, 2012  [NOTE, this book was also on the Rainbow Books list.]
  • GLBTRT, Stonewall Honor Books in Non-Fiction, Stonewall Book Awards, 2012
  • GLBTRT, Israel Fishman Non-Fiction Award, Stonewall Book Awards, 2012, Over the Rainbow Books [NOTE, this book was also on the Over the Rainbow Books list.]

Rainbow Books Tags

  • GLBTRT, Rainbow Books, 2012

Over the Rainbow Tags

  • GLBTRT, Over the Rainbow Books, 2012


Every January, the Stonewall Book Awards, Rainbow Books, and Over the Rainbow committees release their final lists.

A web committee member should add titles to LibraryThing account every January:

  • Stonewall Book Awards
  • Rainbow Books
  • Over the Rainbow lists

All final lists from these committees should use a consistent citation format and include an isbn (issn).  These lists should be posted on the appropriate GLBTRT website pages and the project's blogs.

Adding Books to LibraryThing (batch process)

Estimated active time: 5mins
Estimated inactive time: (minutes to hours depending on how quickly LT can import the citations from the Library of Congress catalog.


  • Get the LT login ID and password from the chair of the web committee
  • Have bibliographies (must include isbns) you wish to place in LibraryThing


Log into the GLBTRT LibraryThing Account.

Click the Add Books tab, then the Import Books link.

Copy bibliography, paste in the Paste Text field.

Report on valid or invalid ISBNs, LC should be first source, add tags to all imported books at one time.

You can see status of import, see if any ISBNs are not valid.  Refresh this screen until import happens.

Result of import and tagging.  You will see new books under the Your Books tab.

How to add tags to individual items, just double click on the tag box.  Add additional tag and click save button.

How to add tags to groups of books.

Result of adding tags to several books.


  • Find a volunteer to address the tags for the older Stonewall titles.