Web Committee

The Web Committee creates and maintains the platforms the round table uses to promote LGBTQ literature.

The Web Committee section of the Procedure Manual documents all tasks the committee is responsible for.  Committee members may choose to only work on one task or volunteer for many.  Cross training is encouraged but not required.


  • High-Priority Tasks require volunteers so fundamental committee responsibilities are met
  • Low-Priority Tasks are not open to volunteers unless essential tasks are covered

High-Priority Tasks

  • are documented to make workflows and expectations clear;
  • are often re-occurring or on-going tasks with schedules;
  • are sub-menu items in the Web Committee section of the Procedure Manual;
  • written to allow one or more members to volunteer for the task;
 Priority Task
Web Style Guide
All Committee Members All committee members must apply these principles to all of the web presence.
Accounts Administration Chair                      (Currently: David Isaak) The Committee Chair must maintain this list of accounts and assure security of log in and password information.
Website Administration
Any Committee Members
(Currently: David Isaak and Ellen Armstrong)
Maintain updated content on the website This includes normal edits and updates for Recurring Events noted below.
Blogs Administration
Any Committee Members
(Currently: Ruth Compton)
Maintain all blogs, verify they running smoothly. Maintain good relations between the Web Committee Blog Administrator and the committee's Member Administrators.
Document Processing
This task is no longer done by the web committee. - David Isaak Web Committee Chair 9/30/14
Any Committee Members
Processing the GLBTRT Newsletter into a well formed pdf and posting it to the website promptly.  Also includes scanning and processing historic Newsletters as they are located.
Feed Administration
Any Committee Members
(Currently: Paige Mano)
Add 3 to 5 messages per week to the GLBTRT Feed.  This feed posts to our home page, twitter, Facebook Page and MySpace.  Posts to our blogs and stories about us in American Libraries post to the Feed automatically.
Recurring Events: Elections
Any Committee Members
(Currently: David Isaak)
Reoccurring work that must be done about the same time on an annual basis.  Elections page must be updated three times per year in collaboration with Membership Promotion Committee.
Recurring Events: Release of Bibliographies Any Committee Members
(Currently: Ellen Armstrong)
Reoccurring work that must be done about the same time on an annual basis.  Award list must be added to stonewall list page.  Book lists need Worldcat permalinks on each citation (book list committee members will have to do this if they want, it is a lot of work). Other promotion work if there's time.
Recurring Events: Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conferences
Any Committee Members
(Currently: David Isaak)
Reoccurring work that must be done about the same time on an annual basis.  Consult the page linked to the left for more info.  How this works will change soon as the below is not sustainable.    Round Table events are automatically created now in ALA Connect.  Use the ics to Facebook application to automatically create events on the Facebook Page.  Use the functions in Google Calendar to import the Connect calendar feed into the round table's administrative calendar on the Procedure Manual.