God's Blessing

Welcome to God's Little Brown Church's web site
We are a non denominational church that is located in South Alburgh, VT
We are associated with Global Christian Ministry Forum
Services are at 9am on Sunday and 6:30pm on Wednesday
Pastor: C. Andrew Chrysler

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Where would you spend your eternity

Your response might be "I am not sure" or "I have been a good person so I'am guessing I should go to heaven". Bible states 'for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,' Romans 3:23, . Please take a moment to think..what's your confidence level that if you die today, you will go to heaven.

Everlasting life is only through Christ Jesus

GOD gives eternal life. The punishment of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Law requires that sinners be punished, but we need to be saved from the condemnation of sin. GOD opened 'the way' to save us by giving the punishment of our sins to his son on the Cross of Calvery (John 3:16-18). Jesus Christ is the son of the living GOD who came in to this world living his Godly form and being born of virgin Mary as a complete human being. Jesus Christ took our punishment upon himself by dying on the Cross. If you confess by mouth and believe in heart that "You are sinner and that Jesus Christ the Son of God who came in to this world as human being and took the pain and the suffering of death on the cross to redeem you of your condemnation and GOD raised him up from the dead" You will be saved.