Glatt Kosher Summer vacation in Serfaus Austria at Alte Schmiede Hotel June 19 - Aug 20 2013

 Join us for our seventh successful Glatt Kosher Summer Vacation In Austria Cross through to Different Countries 

Stay at the Beautiful Four Star Alte Schmiede Hotel and Enjoy Delicious Glatt Kosher Food in a Friendly Wonderful Atmosphere

Serfaus is a beautiful holiday village hidden in the folds of the Tyrol Mountains in the Western part of Austria.
Serfaus is in a wonderfully panoramic location on the Tyrol’s sunny terrace, a place nestling in the unique Tyrolean mountain world, with a mixture of rural charm and  international flair.
The village streets are filled with hotels, restaurants and shopping centers.  You will enjoy walking down the picturesque streets and seeing the well kept, spotlessly clean houses and gardens of this tourist village with a rustic atmosphere.
The main pedestrian mall in the village is bustling with all sorts of attractions such as music boxes, street musicians, and wagons which can be used for exciting tours in the surrounding hills. The information centers scattered around the village will lead you to the starting points of walking tours on marked paths.

"Down below a swift underground train, up above a beautiful village"

 Because of the fact that the road to Serfaus ends in Serfaus there is no get through traffic. Traffic is a foreign word in the sunniest holiday region. Serfaus is on top a village and in the underground a train. The only village subway in Europe is reason for the fact that Serfaus is a picturesque village for its guests without traffic.

There are tens of marked paths around the village for walking or bicycle tours.  During these tours you will be exposed to an abundance of plants growing in the green surroundings and you will feel that you are drowning in a sea of flowers and a sea of experiences!  You can also take the cable car up to the peaks of the surrounding mountains and stand in awe at the splendor of G-d's creation.
There is the possibility of renting a bicycle for personal or family riding.  A riding counselor will guide you to the maximum enjoyment from the marked paths.
Serfaus also serves as a starting point for a variety of tours in the area: A visit to the Silbergbergwerk Schwaz silver mines, the Swarovski crystal factory, royal castles, Linau on the BodenSee, and the towering Zugspitze Mountain.
An enchanting village bustling with life and with ample activities, the perfect location for tours – what more could you want?
The fancy four star Alte Schmiede Hotel has advanced modern equipment.  All the hotel rooms have private bathrooms and showers, a hairdryer, television, telephone and safe. There is a gorgeous lobby with wireless internet, synagogue, dining rooms , sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness, a playroom for children, billiard and tennis.There are a variety of rooms for hosting families, spacious fancy suites, and rooms of different sizes.  You can select the room which suits you and your family.      
Some Trip Options:
Cross through to Different Countries  AUSTRIA , FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY and SWITZERLAND
 Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

The largest nationalpark in Central Europe is shared by Tirol, Salzburg and Carinthia. The park is home to many scenic treasures, including both the majestic Grossglockner and Grossvenediger massifs, the ancient woodland of the Rauris Forest and the thunderous Krimml waterfalls. The journey over the Grossglockner High Alpine Road takes you to an altitude of 0.9 miles and through a range of climate zones. Millions of people around the world recognize the lake district near Salzburg from the movie classic “The Sound of Music”. Spectacular lakes surrounded by imposing mountains provide the backdrop for rewarding explorations. Walk along the crystal clear waters of Wolfgangsee and Fuschlsee, where you can board a steamship to get from one place to another

 Tyrolean glaciers  

The five Tyrolean glaciers   has its own charm. Glaciers will enchant you:with a breathtaking panoramic view and crystal clear air expect you!



The biggest touristic attraction in the region of Lake of Constance. Mainau's 45 hectares or 111 acres of gardens and landscaped grounds attract more than a million visitors each year. The flower season begins in spring with an orchid show in the Palm House and a million tulips that bloom from March until May. Rhododendrons follow the tulips, and in summer another 350,000 flowers are on display. Dahlias bloom in September, pleasing visitors until the gardens wrap up their season in late October. During the warmer months, the paths to the Arena of Fountains are lined with tropical plants. In spring and summer, the flowers on the steps of the Italian flower and water staircase create magnificent designs. The fragrance, beauty and elegance of more than 20,000 roses from 1,200 different species make the rose garden an enchanting, sensory experience.

 Achensee Lake
  The largest and most beautiful mountain lake in Tyrol rests majestically 940 metres above sea level between the Rofan and Karwendel Mountains.  And it offers both: emerald green water and impressive peaks. And, there is also the type of air that people want to breathe in deeply. Enjoy a boat ride on Achensee Lake
Achenseebahn Rack Railway
For over 120 years the oldest rack railway of the world has been running between Jenbach and Achensee lake. Enjoy the 7km long ride (45 min) across the stunning Alpine scenery of Tirol, taking you to the landing stage in Seespitz.
Looking back on Imperial times ...
Train whistles and steam escaping from the valves ... Experience railway nostalgia at its finest! The ancient rack railway is still one of Achensee region´s most interesting highlights - taking a ride in it creates memories that will stay with you forever. It's just like in the old days... the seperate carriages, where the conductor has to enter from the outside to charmingly welcome the passengers and check the tickets.
The biggest SILVER MINE of the mediaeval times is open for a visit.After driving down 800 m with the Grubenbahn an extraordinary underground experience is waiting for you. Follow the trace of the miners which has mined silver and copper 500 years ago and let us take you to a time where the earth still has been a slice...
Swarovski Crystal Factory

Take an interesting journey into the world of crystals. At Swarovski's Crystal World you will find the world's biggest crystal which weighs 137 pounds (62 kilograms) and the largest Kaleidoscope in the world.
Royal Castles Neuschwanstein and Linderhof
Hidden in the seclusion of the mountains, Ludwig II. Built two of his dream castles, Neuschwanstein and Linderhof. This excursion shows you two extraordinary castles, both testifying to the vision of Bavaria´s fairytale king. View the  King's bed chamber , ornate drapes, the dinning room, a fairy tale magic table disappears into the floor going to the kitchen where it was decked with food and sent back to the dining room, gardens of the castle
 NEW and UNIQUE in the Alps!
With our new and unique Super.Summer.Card. you enjoy all sorts of holidays in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis - and absolutely free of charge!
If you're staying in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, simply trade in your guest card to receive the Super.Sommer.Card! Now you can travel free of charge on all cablecar service and shuttle bus connecting the villages.
Even your children (3 years and over!) can enjoy great full-day entertainment programmes at the 'Murmliclub' in Serfaus or the 'Mini-Maxi-Club' in Fiss, or are being cared for in the Murmli créche daycare centre. Adults have the choice of 12 (!) guided walks a week!

Use of all 7 cableways
incl. Adventure World Serfaus
(Murmli water, Murmli Trail, etc.)

incl. Summer Fun Park Fiss*
(giant slide, cablecar ride for toboggan evening, Kneipp facilities, etc.)
incl. shuttle bus between the villages

incl. Children's entertainment programme
6 days a week in 2 children's clubs
(Murmli Club and Mini-Maxi Club)
incl. Brezina's Adventure Mountains:
'The Crashed Plane'
'The Witches' Trail'
'The Explorers' Trail'
incl. guided mountain walks
6 walks a week
in Serfaus, Fiss or Ladis

*excludes 'Fisser Flieger', 'Fisser Flitzer' and 'Skyswing



 This massive swing offers a feeling of weightlessness for a few seconds. In total 6 persons a the same time will enjoy the 12 metres of free fall feeling and the speed of 65 km/h when they float only a few metres above the ground
 'Murmlitrail'  adventure walk for children. It takes the children through a secluded forest close to the Gampenbahn. Plenty of magnificent surprises and experiences are waiting for the children along the way. Just after the entrance  strange sorts of sounds make them prick up their ears as they walk past. At the fairy tale fountain  we step  into the cave. Here the  story of 'Murmli' the little marmot and of his adventures in the mountains is told. The path goes on, taking us to the talking root man . He only answers when you throw stones at him - the more you hit him, the more he talks! The next stop is the photoboard . Here, mum and dad can take photos of the kids together with Murmli and the bear family. It goes on: It just might happen that the sleeping bear  will all of a sudden wake up, move and start to growl while the children are making themselves comfortable on his back. The cooing owl  sits on a bench and  not only speaks, but also sings as well! And right at the end, there's a wonderful highlight for the kids: the Murml cave  with living room, bedroom and kitchen!
 Crashed Plane ,Witch's Trail  , Explorer Route
Three exciting adventure hikes are awaiting the kids this year in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis :
Here the kids will find the cooling, they have dreamt of on many a hot summer day in the mountains. The magic carpet (conveyor band) brings every child comfortably uphill, there the kids can choose on which of the two tubing courses they're going to rush downhill. Other Highlights of the Summer-Snowworld in Fiss are an igloo and a snow carousel.
Traveling by air:
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 Munchen 213km, Innsbruck 94km, Zurich 248km, Verona 295km, Friedrichshafen 178km,
Then travel with the train/bus or with the airport taxis to Serfaus
Traveling by rail:
The train will take you to Landeck and from there you may continue your journey by bus or taxi to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis
Austrian railway
German railway
Rail Europe
By Car:
Driving from Munchen to Serfaus is 213km.
The route before the Austrian border is the following:
B2R / E54 (1.4km) - Pass Munchen - A95 / E533 (48km).
Then - on B11 towards Bad Tolz and Bichl drive for 41km.
12km on B2 / E533 and you will reach the Austrian border.
Follows: B177 / E533 for 21km and A12 / E60 for 57km.
15km more on B180 and you have to direct to Leite for about 7km.
Next point: Fiss, Fisser Straße, Serfauserfeld.
When you turn left on Dorfbahnstraße, drive for 200m and you will arrive in Serfaus.

Driving from Salzburg, follow the route:
From Salzburg to Serfaus are 278km.
Leave Salzburg and after 4.5km you have to take A1 / E60 towards Innsbruck and Munchen for 9km.
Next: entry in Germany and heading on A8 / E52 for 70km.
After Exit 101, 25km on A93 and you will enter Austria.
Continue on A12 / E60 for 145km, 15km more on B180 and you have to direct to Leite for about 7km.
Next direction: Fiss, Fisser Straße, Serfauserfeld.
When you turn left on Dorfbahnstraße, drive for 200m and you will reach Serfaus

Driving from Vienna
The distance between Vienna and Serfaus is 572km. Follow the instructions:
Leave Vienna and after 14km you have to take B1 in order to connect with A1 towards Linz and Sankt Polten. Drive for 292km and you will enter in Germany. 70km on A8 / E52, 25km on A93 and you will reach the Austrian border.
Continue on A12 / E60 for 145km, then - B180 for 15km.
Direct to Leite for about 7km.
Next route: Fiss, Fisser Straße, Serfauserfeld.
When you turn left on Dorfbahnstraße, drive for 200m and you will reach Serfaus.

Driving from Innsbruck
The distance Innsbruck- Serfaus is 94 km. Follow the driving instructions:
After Innsbruck drive for 3km and connect with A12 / E60 towards Bregenz and Garmisch for 66km.
Head on B180 for 15km and take direction to Leite for about 7km.
Next route: Fiss, Fisser Straße, Serfauserfeld.
When you turn left on Dorfbahnstraße, drive for 200m and you will arrive in Serfaus.
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