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                                                                  Céline La Frenière (2014) photos by Andrew Parsons                                   

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Céline grew up in a crowded tenement in Montreal. Her neighbourhood may have been in a rough area, but the sense of community was very strong. At the age of 16, her life suddenly took an unexpected turn. Her charming but elusive father, a small-time gambler, got into trouble and had to relocate the family to a remote place in the far north of British Columbia in Canada, 3,000 miles away. During the long train ride that took her across the country to her new fate, Céline had plenty of time to reflect. Overnight, her academic ambitions were dashed. After losing her home, her friends, her French language and culture, she had to start all over again. This involved learning a new language, English, and reluctantly adapting to a wholly different way of life. Her sense of isolation first inspired her to write. And yet this was only the start of her travelling experiences and resettlement. She has since lived and worked as a scriptwriter in Vancouver, Los Angeles and London and travelled far and wide. She now resides in North London with her partner, Peter. Glaston Town is her debut novel.

An Amazon customer posted a review on 24/01/15 on Amazon.co.uk, which invited the author to a debate. Here is a reply from the Horse's Mouth:

"Eniq 's challenging comment about Glaston Town (24 Jan. 2015) begs a response.  "Art-vs-entertainment" is an issue I have had to struggle with throughout my film career. Art is something you do when you aren't employed writing entertainment (e.g.: commercial films.) Producers might admire your 'artistic' screen plays, even give you a job as a result, whilst hoping to God that you will deliver a commercial product. Is it possible that Glaston Town finally bridge that gap between art and entertainment? It took some 4 years to complete the novel. Consequently, any hope of a quick success was the last thing on my mind. So far, I have been proved right.  Humour, sex and murder in the story are the stuff of real life in a gritty neighbourhood like Glaston Town. Murder, in particular, has a way of grabbing people's imagination because it is finite. The victim in this novel may be remembered for all sorts of things, but be immortalised because of the murder. If I only succeeded in writing a book people enjoy, I would be more than pleased. Thanks for sharing your views." Céline.

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