The Story of how I  drilled a hole through my Finger!

It was on the monday (possibly Tuesday it's getting hazy already!) whilst setting up the stall. I had just got some nice shiny perspex, that had fallen off the back of a passing wagon, it was ideal for providing some protection from the elements and provide a bit of a store window. It was even the right size for the ends of both shelves of books, it just needed a couple of holes drilled in it and cable tied to the ends of the shelving. I must mention here that it still had the scratch protecting backing on it so you couldn't actually see through it.

I held up the perspex to the shelves to see where the holes were needed for cable ties, and feeling a bit smug picked up my cordless drill, saying loudly "Glad I brought my power tools!" and proceeded to drill holes in the right places. I should mention here that I'm quite a skilled botcher and always measure once and cut 3 times, so it will be no surprise to guess I wasn't carefully marking where the holes were to go, I was just holding the perspex in place and banging in holes where I felt they were needed. This involved me holding the perspex with one hand and drilling with the other. The first couple of holes went through fine, then when holding it at a funny angle to drill I gave a little ouch as I realised I'd put my finger in the wrong place and it was on the other side of the hole I'd just drilled. I thought I'd only just grazed myself, though as the red stuff started to drip I suspected I may have gone in a bit deeper, so off to the tap to wash it off with a request to my partner, Sasha, to get me a plaster. As I held it under the tap, which was very close by, the blooding appeared to slow and stop. Then I noticed there was still quite a bit of blood dripping, puzzled I turned my hand over to look at the back of my finger. My knees went a bit funny when I saw the blood still pouring through a neat little hole in the middle of my fingernail.

Luckily we had some very good neighbours and whilst panic levels started to rise, along with the dread of a trip to the local hospital, queues in casualty, and numerous other things to panic about, Rodders & John, from Tiger Lily (ludlow) assisted very calmly. A chair appeared for me to sit down on as I'd gone quite pale and wobbly on realising how much damage I'd done, and John appeared with a first aid kit, whilst Rodders held my hand up under the tap. John very quickly put on a rather splendid bandage which stopped the bleeding in no time at all. Whilst Sasha had run off to the market office to find out what medical facilities were available on site 2 days before the gates actually opened. Luckily there were paramedics already on site and the market supervisor knew how to get in touch with them, radios and such like had not yet been issued. I was then escorted the hundred yards to the market office, where I was told the paramedics would be meeting me. The market staff were lovely and didn't take the p*ss at all, though most of them did evacuate the office when the paramedics removed the bandage to see the damage. The bleeding had stopped and they were impressed by the very professional looking bandage, they checked my tetanus was up to date and declared there was no need form to go anywhere, I just had to keep it clean. It was also briefly debated whether I had gone through the bone or not, but there was no way of easily telling this at the time.

After thanking the paramedics and the market staff I then went back to the stall to a bit of p*ss taking, as a few people had heard me bragging about haing power tools just before I was asking for a plaster! I then stated "I'm glad I hadn't brought my Jigsaw!". After a cup of tea and a bit of sit down, I then gradually started getting involved in putting the stall together, brushing aside offers of pain killers as it didn't hurt much yet and I wanted to only resort to pain killers when it really started throbbing. Surprisingly what little pain there was did diminish quite a bit over the next couple of hours, until it was only painful when actually trying to use it.

I kept it bandaged and clean until leaving the following Monday, and it's healed up very well, there is only a tiny scar on m finger tip and a pretty clean hole through my nail now. I've made the Pic here quite small, but for those that like a bit of gore you can click on the image!

DON'T Scroll past this point if you are at all squemish!


And whatever you do, don't click the pic to see it bigger!


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