Other Glasheen Branches

Summers, Dorsey, Campbell and Farrell families are the descendants of Thomas and Ann Glasheen.  Summers and Farrells raised their families in North Dakota.  Most of the Summers families that I have information on moved to California and Washington.

Clune, Erdman and Gee families follow from John and Anna Glasheen.

There are many other names in later generations, and I am sure some I missed in earlier, but this is a partial list into the first part of the twentieth century.

If you have any questions how you are related, feel free to contact me and I will help you put it together.  info@glasheen.net

There are a lot of Glasheens along the East coast of the United States.  I can find records dating before the Revolutionary War.  A record from 1777 I found list an Ensign John Glasheen of the Roman Catholic Volunteers.  The unit fought for the British during the Revolutionary War.  After the war the men couldn't go home so they were given land grants in New Brunswick, Canada.  I found 2 such land grants for John Glasheen.  In 1782 James Glashin [sic] was on the muster role of the Newfoundland Regiment.  It looks like a lot of the Glasheen family found themselves on the wrong side of history at the end of the Revolution.  There are arrival records for a John Nicholas Glashen [sic] arriving in Nova Scotia in 1752.  

The largest numbers of Glasheens seem to be in Massachusetts and New York.  These are the oldest Glasheen families I know of, here in the US.  The Wisconsin families all seem to have come over in the 1840's.  I don't have any ships list I can definitely point to because they came over unmarried and Glasheen is a common name.  We could be a branch of the east coast family, but all three of the first Glasheens here in Wisconsin say they were born in Ireland on the census.  More research will have to be done.

Australia has many Glasheen families.  There are a scattering throughout Europe, and I even saw a news article about one who lived out on an Island in the Pacific by himself.  So we are spread around everywhere, you should have no trouble getting a free lunch and a bed anywhere in the world with the fine name of Glasheen on your calling card.