John Glasheen born about 1829

John married Anna Murphy.  They were married about 1855 near Portage, Wisconsin.  All Children were born in Wisconsin.  The only notes I have about John and Anna ever leaving the farm in Hollandtown is the 1880 Census where the whole family is living in Oconto, Wisconsin and John reports he is working for the Rail Road.  The older boys are working in saw mills.  An article in the Oconto County  Reporter on May 31, 1879 reports that "a young man named Glasheen" broke his arm last Friday at the Oconto Company's Planing mill while putting a belt on a pulley.  The name in the Census is spelled Galasken, but I am pretty confident that I have the right information, all the details line up.  Money must have been tight but they didn't lose the farm in Hollandtown.  John dies in 1882. It must have been rough times.

John, 1858 to 1924

John married Elizabeth Hearden on September 17, 1888 in Hollandtown, Wisconsin, daughter of Henry Hearden and Catherine Killoren.  She was born About 1870, and died November 30, 1923 in Little Rapids,  Wisconsin.


·        Ross, born 1888

·        Maria, born 1897

·        Thomas, born 1896

·        Eleanor (married Gee) born 1901

·        Elizabeth born 1904

Edward, 1860 to 1919

Married Margret Hurley, on September 17, 1895.  She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Hurley.  Margret was born 1862 at Chilton, Wisconsin and died about 1938.  There were no known children.

Thomas, 1862 to 1936


Elizabeth, 1864 to 1923

Elizabeth married James Clune, son of Daniel Clune and Anna Callighan.  James was born About 1858 in Hollandtown Wisconsin, and died About May 1906 in Niagara, Wisconsin.


·        William Clune born 1894

·        Francis Clune born 1897

·        Raymond Clune born 1900

Margret, 1866 to sometime after 1920

No details known.

Michael, 1867 to 1929


Jeramiah, 1868 to 1945


Daniel, 1870 to 1932

Daniel married Cora Rupert, on March 6, 1900.  She was the daughter of John Rupert and Elgina Chryderman.  Cora was born March 21, 1878 in Wisconsin and died January 31, 1955.


·        Edward, born 1901

·        Florence (married Berens) born 1906

·        William, born 1907

William, 1874 to 1944


Denny, unknown

Died young, when kicked by a horse.  This is a baptismal record for Dionisius in 1872 and I believe this is the same person.