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Ireland 1850

I would take Anna's obituary saying that our family came from Tipperary without any doubts.  She was 18 when she emigrated and if she was really from Sligo, I don't think she would have said she was from Tipp just to impress people.  I have found a record from about 1854 for John and Thomas, the right age and from Tipperary in the Royal Irish Constabulary.  It shows Thomas was posted to Donegal, I am still working to find John's service record.

The name Glasheen comes from the Irish word for stream or small river.  I have also seen it associated with the color green and a flowering plant used for making purple die.  There is a Glasheen road in Cork, villages named Glasheen or Ballyglasheen and a Tavern or two that share our well deserved name.  Trying to track down a Glasheen in Tipperary about 1850 is hard because the name is so common and the records so few.  I hope someday to confirm a connection across the ocean and the years, but until then, I claim everyone as a cousin.  You never know when you might need a meal and a place to stay when you are broke, hitch hiking through Ballyglasheen on a Saturday night.


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