Housing and Homelessness 

In Scotland, housing and accommodation for Veterans and their families is provided by a number of independent charitable organisations. There are also a number of housing associations in Glasgow that can provide rented accommodation. Our Housing Advisor can help you navigate through the options that are available. 

The support we can provide will help you:
  • Apply for mainstream housing through our partnerships with Glasgow Housing Associations
  • Get housing advise if you are about to leave the Services
  • Apply for ex-Service accommodation
  • Find out what your housing options are
  • Provide information on buying a home
  • Offer assistance sourcing emergency, homeless or supported accommodation
There are many options available to you so contact us now for an appointment  and let us take the strain of searching through the many options available for you. 

Our Housing Advisor is also at hand to help you get the advice you need to avoid homelessness or to source emergency accommodation if you have been made homeless in the Glasgow area.

Housing Law can be complex. If you are not familiar with housing issues, resolving a housing pr
oblem can be a daunting prospect.
Our Housing Advisor can deal with a wide range of housing problems to help you sustain your tenancy including:
  • Telling you about your rights
  • Answer any questions about housing
  • Offer advice on how to keep your current home
  • Help you make a homeless application to the council if needed

If you are homeless and need emergency accommodation after 4pm, please contact:

The Hamish Allan Centre
0800 838 502
(Open 365 days a year)