Health Issues

Glasgow's Helping Heroes can help you access local information and support to help you through any Health Issues you might be experiencing.

Physical Health
If you have a health condition (including Mental Health condition) related to the time you served in the forces you are entitled to priority treatment from the NHS.
Priority treatment does not mean preferential treatment but does mean that you might be moved further up a waiting list depending on the overall level of need of everyone on the waiting list.

Mental Health
Leaving the armed forces can sometimes be a difficult experience plus memories of time served can also often cause problems with mental health.
Mental Health conditions can range from mild to sever and affect different people at different times of their lives. Families and carers are often affected too.

If you are concerned about anything to do with drugs or alcohol then Glasgow's Helping Heroes can help. we can help you access the information and support that you need to deal with any addiction issue.
Our Peer Support Workers can help you access many specialised services that aim to meet the needs of individuals and families.

Accessing Health Services
Most health services are accessed through your GP. Your GO will discuss your health needs with you and make a referral to a specialist or advise you on how to access the most appropriate service for your needs, i.e. you can refer yourself for physiotherapy or podiatry services in your local area, you don't need your GP to refer you.

If you aren't already registered with a GP then phone MHS24 on 0845 242424 or click on the following link to find a GP in your area.

For information on the health services available in your area click on the following link about local Community Health and Care Partnerships in Glasgow: CHCPs in Glasgow.
Remember to tell your GP that you have served in the forces as it could mean you are entitled to priority treatment and could get treated more quickly.