Did you know that yesterday was the first annual National STI Awareness Day?

The awareness day has been launched to get people thinking about their sexual health and to encourage more people to get regular check-ups. It’s not nice to think that you might have picked up an infection whilst celebrating the festive period, but with some common STI’s taking two weeks to become detectable, now is the time to check, if you have taken a risk.

With only a month to go until Valentine’s Day most STI’s can be taken care of time to make sure you can enjoy all the, shall we say, romance with none of the worry!

For anyone that feels a check-up might be in order the main clinic in Glasgow is the Sandyford Central which is at 2-6 Sandyford Place, G3 7NB  0141 211 8130 or check the website for something a little nearer you:

And to make sure you don’t become a regular visitor, you can pick up some free condoms from Glasgow’s Helping Heroes or have a chat with the guys at the clinic (or both, if you’re very busy!)

Glasgow's Helping Heroes GHH,
16 Jan 2018, 02:12