As a member of HM Forces it is likely that you would never have had to use the benefits system. Applying for financial support through benefits can be frustrating and confusing – we can help check what you are entitled to and help you fill in claim forms.

You may be entitled to receive benefits if one or more of the following apply to you:

  • You are on a low income (employed or looking for work)
  • You have dependent children
  • You are sick or disabled
  • You are caring for someone
  • You are aged 60 or over
  • You have been bereaved
  • You are pregnant or have recently had a baby

Up to £10bn in income related benefits go unclaimed every year don’t lose out!

We believe that people do not claim because they are not aware of the benefit, they do not believe they are entitled to it, they are confused by the complexity of the system, or they don't want to take "handouts".

Our aim is to help you maximise your benefits. We have experts from agencies such as Citizens Advice Bureau and Veterans Welfare Service attend sessions in our office for one-to-one appointments with veterans or their family members. If you would like to make an a

ppointment to discuss your benefits then please call us directly on 
 0141 276 7199