Dios siempre nos protege a través de las MANIFESTACIONES DE EL

Aún a los ateos.....

It is not necessary to lower Abraham to raise Jesus. It
is not necessary to lower Jesus to proclaim Bahá'u'lláh.
We must welcome the Truth of God wherever we behold
it. The essence of the question is that all these great
Messengers came to raise the Divine Standard of Perfections.
All of them shine as orbs in the same heaven of the Divine
Will. All of them give Light to the world.

The task is God's, and God calls not only the Prophets but
all mankind to be His co-workers in this creative process. If
we refuse His invitation, we shall not hinder the work from
going on, for what God wills shall surely come to pass. If
we fail to play our part He can raise up other instruments
to perform His purpose; but we shall miss the real aim and
object of our own lives. At-one-ment with God -- becoming
His lovers, His servants, the willing channels and mediums
of His Creative Power, so that we are conscious of no life
within us but His Divine and abundant life -- that, according
to the Bahá'í teaching, is the ineffable and glorious
consummation of human existence.

                    ~ Dr. J.E. Esslemont - Hand of the Cause of God
                             In his introductory book entitled
                             'Baha'u'llah and the New Era'
                             p. 255

Baha'ullah   EL BAB / LA PUERTA