Ruben in Japan - broken laptop

You`d think I enjoy disappointing people O.o 

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November  11th 13:15, 2006 - Monday


Wow, time flies. Yes I know, Im not updating the website properly and by now probably nobody cares anymore... The whole podcast thing has kind of turned into a fiasco. You see, this friday we finally got internet. I went out and bought a wireless USB dongle and a new microphone for my PC. After a lot of messing around I finally got internet to work but...the very same day my laptop crashed and it`s now broken. I`m afraid the harddrive is destroyed which may mean I`ve lost any pictures I`ve taken up until now.


So what`s next? First I have to put some time into trying to fix my laptop to see if it`s salvagable.  If not, I`ll be shopping for a 2nd hand laptop.  Either way it`s gonna take a while before I have my things in order and am even able to create a podcast. I still wish to create one however, even if nobody cares anymore ;) It`ll be kind of like a diary. Right now I`m keeping notes  on every day in a small paper notebook, but the way I write notes I know I won`t be able to decypher them a few years from now ~.~`


So yeah, until that time I guess I can`t offer you anything interesting. That`s just the way it is.  As for my mental state: couldn`t be more happy. Going back to the Netherlands is going to be so boring...


October 16th 17:33, 2006 - Monday


I kind of forgot. Here's my address:


Ruben Somsen

International House, room number 402

12-1 Nishi-Machi



852-8043 Japan 


So yeah, feel free to fill up my mailbox with cards or whatever. No DVDs as my laptop is too old for that but CD's (music, movies, etc) are fine (hint *cough*) Damn I miss the internet..can't download anything.


small update: I was going to record the podcast today (28th) but my microphone seems to have broken during the trip so I need to buy a new one... still clumsy with internet btw...Im at a friends place using internet right now because the university library is closed.



October 11th 18:32, 2006 - Wednesday


  Sorry for the lack of updates. We applied for internet in our rooms today but it'll probably take a month before we actually get it. The only place I can use the internet is in the foreign student center on the campus and it's always very crowded and closed during the evenings and weekends. Because I don't have a cellphone yet either (and I can't get one until I get my ID card on the 20th which I can use to open a bank account with which I can apply for a phone...SIGH) I'm having a hard time to even make an appointment with anyone around here.

Today I applied for a card that let's me use the library computers though...which is where I am now. If I can manage, I will record the podcast at home on my laptop, and then bring it over with someone's memory stick. So far though, I haven't had much time because I force myself to go out and do stuff with Japanese people as much as possible (loads of fun AND educational). I'm usually dead tired by the time I get home. Heck, I haven't even found the time to do my laundry (and no, I'm not being lazy...honestly, NO TIME!). In fact, right now I'm fighting off my hunger to make this update so I better stop and eat before I die of starvation...




October 1st


Small update. Oktober 1st now. Ill worry about layout and things later. There is internet at the hotel but it has its problems and also youre only allowed to use it for 15 minutes a day...time is up...damn


Still alive..have little time to update..but things should be better in a few days...a week at the most. LOADS happened but luckily I have a notebook (edit: an actual book, not a laptop) so I wont forget (thx sis). Right..Im off to the bar..




September 27th 6:48 AM, 2006 - Tuesday


Small status update. Just to let you know that I have arrived in Fukuoka. I woke up very early just for you guys! (ok maybe not heh). Ill be here the entire day and tomorrow Im heading to Nagasaki where Ill spend my remaining days until I can get into the dorms there on the 2nd of Oktober.


Sleeping so far has been a bit messy since I didnt sleep on the plane at all. I went to bed at 10 pm gmt +8 yesterday meaning I had been awake for around 40 hours! Makes you wonder why I woke up so early...dont know why...


I cant podcast here yet since I cant use my own laptop and I think I wont be able to for at least another week so sorry about that. Also, internet is very crappy here so dont expect me to answer my email just yet!


Yesterday me and the guys (girls were tired) went to a bar. We got a lot of attention and talked to the people there. We got free food and stuff, it was great. Most of the conversations took place in Japanese after a few beers which was good. I can definitely see myself improving a lot over the year as long as I just get drunk every evening ^^


Anyway, I promise to give a more detailed description of what we did as soon as I am able to podcast. Things like the journey, our not-so-great first dinner and my first impression of walking around fukuoka (and random uniformed schoolgirls saying hi to me o_O). Make sure to tune in!




September 21st, 2006 - Thursday


Surprise! It's an update. I actually found a purpose for this website. Let me post a small summary of what's going to happen.


I've been studying Japanese Language and Culture for the past 2 years and I'm going to Japan (Nagasaki) for nearly a year. I'm stepping in the plane the 25st of September @ 15:25 Gmt +1.


The way I am planning to update this site is through podcasts. "What's a podcast?" It's basically an mp3/music file you can download and listen to. You get to hear me talk, hopefully with anyone else over there that's interested in doing it with me. Conversation tends to flow more naturally when there's actually someone talking back you know ;)


"Why on earth would you do that?" Hopefully once you listen to it, it'll become clear. I think it'll be more entertaining when you actually hear me say "I'm here in Japan and it's really fun!" instead of just reading it. I'm not much of a fan of blogs, but I do like podcasts, so it's only logical for me to create something I would be able to enjoy myself. And since it's a relatively new concept for most of you, you should give it a try. I promise to keep it entertaining!


"I know you! You won't follow up on those fancy plans of yours!" You might be right. I've never done something like this so I might end up not liking it as much as I thought I would. The way I see it, it doesn't matter. I can always fall back on normal blogging.


"How do I get in touch with you?" There's a few ways. I'm assuming I'll eventually have internet on my room. From there you can contact me through the following media:


E-mail/googletalk: glacius0 (at)

MSN: glacius (at) (NOT for e-mail)

Skype/AIM/Yahoo: glacius0

ICQ: 68301559


(! You have to replace (at) with an @ sign for it to work. This is to prevent people from sending me spam !)


I highly recommend you try out using google talk! (found on ), because it's very easy and aside from using it to call me, you can leave voicemail messages. If you send questions in by voicemail, I can insert them into the podcast and answer them, which should be fun, so don't be shy!


"Why not do all of this in Dutch?" A few reasons. I know a lot of people through the internet, so I've made a lot of international friends that way. Also, if I want to invite people on my podcast or people send in questions through voicemail, there's a good chance that they won't speak Dutch either. Aside from this I also happen to enjoy speaking English, and it should be fun for most Dutch people to see a whole different side of me.


So in short. Feel free to (voice)mail me or something, and make sure you listen to my podcast to see if you like it. For fun, I'll close off this entry with a few random pictures.


I can be very serious...


...or very NOT serious, heh.


Love this picture. Probably the prettiest one I have of my cat. He's kinda old and starting to go blind. When I get back from Japan, I'm not sure if Snuitje will still be alive... :/




March 24th, 2006 - Friday


Alright, so the site's open. I'm basically just testing out this stuff. I looks kinda simple. But I guess it's good for blogging and uploading random pictures. Since I'm not planning to really spread the link to this site around, I realize I'm talking mainly to myself right now, but that's ok. I like talking to myself, cuz I'm a very important person you myself anyway. 


Picture time!


My cat named 'Snuitje'. It's Dutch for 'small nose'. Go figure!


Ok so that's all the news you guys (read: me) are getting for today! Now scram..nothing to see here, move along, why are you still reading this?