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SORRY, This webpage is no longer being maintained.  It is being left up because some to the links might be useful to you.

"Great Lakes Area Contact Improvisation Enthusiasts Retreat"

Community currently includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Ontario, and Wisconsin.

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CI events within the GLACIER area that are large enough that it would be reasonable to expect people to drive 3 hours or more to get to, such as a 2-day workshop or jam. 



This section lists links to webpages containing information on local jams, classes & events that may or may not be of interest to the wider GLACIER audience. Those outside the immediate vicinity are certainly welcome to attend.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Click here for the Chicago jam webpage .

DETROIT&ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN  - (and on Facebook)

MADISON, WISCONSIN Click here for the Madison jam Facebook page.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA Click here for the Minneapolis jam webpage.

CLEVELAND, OHIO Click here for the Cleveland jam webpage .


This section lists non-contact improvisation workshops and events a member of our GLACIER community would like to recommend to you. Please feel free to contact them about their recommendation (see "Recommended by:" info), but don't ask us since we only know what is written here. No listings in this section are in any way connected with GLACIER. If you know of an event you would like to add, see the "How to add an event to this listing" section below.


This section lists links for contact improvisation events and teacher/organizations that are not part of our GLACIER community. If you'd like something listed, please send an e-mail to dhalkin at earthlink dot net



Annually Breitenbush Hot Springs Contact Jam, Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center, near Detroit, Oregon. The "grand-daddy of all Jams"--Hot springs and steamhouse; open dancing on wood floor; fine vegetarian cuisine, shared cabins in Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. Several workshop sessions with Margit Galanter of New York on "Participatory Arts." for producer Alito Alessi / Joint Forces Dance Company. for hotsprings info. Contact email: jointforcesdance at yahoo dot com Phone: (US +) 541. 342. 3273 (Pacific Standard Time, in Eugene, Oregon)

Annually Israeli Contact festival - The Israeli Contact Festival is the annual celebration of the Israeli CI community and a meeting with teachers and dancers from around the world. The festival spans 3 weeks during which we will meet in different locations to dance, to play, to learn, and to get to know each other. More information can be found at .

 October 14-17, 2010
 The First Annual Strawberry Contact Jam, Steamboat Springs, CO


The BodyCartography Project - Working with the resonance of place, The BodyCartography Project creates dance performance, installation work, film/video and educational workshops in improvisational dance, Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering, site-work and dance for the camera. Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad codirect the Project locally and internationally. More information can be found at .

Earthdance - Located in western Massachusettes, Earthdance offers CI and other dance opportunities throughout the year. For further information, go to .

La Alternativa - Kathleen Hermsdorf, a wonderful San Francisco-based dancer/contacter/teacher who dances with Bebe Miller Company, teaches with musician Albert Mathias around the world. For further information, go to .

Martin Keogh workshops - Martin Keogh, a favorite teacher of many of us, teaches workshops all over the world. To see where he will be this year, check out his website, .

Mark "Moti" Zemmelman workshops and website - Mark "Moti" Zemmelman teaches all over and usually comes to our area at least once a year. He has created a wonderful website full of contact improv info (including his teaching schedule). Check it out at .

Schwelle7 in Berlin, Germany - Schwelle7 "organizes primarily workshops on Dance, Choreography, Performance and Body Art that focus on the practice of performing". They are a consistent producer of workshops by well-known American contact improvisation teachers. Visit their website at for the current schedule of events. -----


This listing is for events that it would be reasonable to expect someone to drive 3 hours to get to (usually a 2-day event or more). Shorter events are considered "local", and should be listed on the appropriate city's webpage (we'll forward your request to the person in charge of your city's webpage if you don't know who it is). If you have an event you'd like listed, please send us with the following:

  1. Title of the event
  2. Date & location of the event
  3. A description of the event (up to 4 sentences long) to be used in the listing
  4. Any other info you have on the event (websites, registration forms, etc.)
  5. Your name, where you live, and how people can get in touch with you (usually an e-mail address)