Note: Chapter financial information is removed from the minutes and is available by contacting the chapter treasure at treasure@glacialridgeabate.org

Glacial Ridge Chapter Minutes
Saturday April 2, 2011
Meeting # 258
Officers Attending:
President: Daniel Bursaw
Vice President: Damon Stoetzel
Secretary: Mary Thielke
Treasurer: Todd Lund
State Rep: Mike Pesta
Legislative Reporter: Not present.
Sergeant @ Arms:  Rodney King
                                  Tony Larson
                                  Damon Stoetzel
                                  Kurt VanLuik
  1. Ted Warren
  2. Robert Uhden
  3. Michelle Peschges
  4. Matt Richards
  5. Stephanie Peschges
  6. Jeff Moen
  7. Charlene VanLuik
  8. Don Aasgaard
  9. Peggy Douma
  10. Jari Gruis
  11. Val VanderWeyst
  12. Deano Meehan
  13. Tony Larson
  14. Des Larson
  15. Harry Lee
  16. Glenna Williamson
Guests present: 3
Meeting called to order at 6:02
Pledge of Allegiance was said.
President welcomed everyone.  We went around and said our names, as there were new people there. 
Secretary's Report~Mary
  • Marches Minutes were read.  Discussion was asked for.  Motion to accept was made by Kurt and seconded by Charlene.  It passed by oral vote.
Treasure's Report~Todd
  • Todd reported that there was nothing new with the moneys.  Last month it was $ in general account and $.
  • Open discussion was asked for.  Motion to accept made by Robert and seconded by Charlene.  It passed by oral vote.

President's Report~Daniel
  • He stated there is still snow that he wishes would go away. 
  • He reminded us of ABATE U next weekend. 
  • He told us not to drink and drive.
Vice President's Report~Damon
  • He told us to check out the classes at ABATE U. 
  • He also talked about Georgia's $70,000 grant to fund motorcycle check points.
  • He told us that was biased.

State Rep~Mike
  • Mike talked about the next district meeting in St. James. 
  • Also he talked about ABATE U having a Honda Smart motorcycle simulator. 
  • He told us it would also be at Freedom First's 4th annual fundraiser. 
  • Make sure you get hold of your legislators to push the failure to yield bill, which is stuck in the legislation. 
  • He spoke about the Road Noise website being taken over by a new person.  (My notes suck!) 
  • Chapter that have Dial-a-ride trailers need to keep receipts to turn in if the trailer has need repairs.  The Chapter will get reimbursed for the bill. 
  • He told us about the old beer trucks that are going to be used to store motorcycles when Dial-a-ride needs it.
  • The July BOD meeting will be at a farm by Kimball.

Government Relations Liaison~Derek   He wasn't present.
Gambling Report~Rod
  • He told us that he only had 5 ABATE U raffle tickets left to sell so if anyone wants any, they need to get them now.

Public Relations/Historian~Mary
  • She mentioned that the book was up to date. 
  • It was mentioned to take note of Kurt's 50th birthday cake.  We celebrated it after the last meeting.

Events Committee~Jory     
  • He wasn't present.  Dan asked if there was anyone else who would like to be in charge of events as Jory works weekends.  He had no takers.

Web Site~Bob
  • He wasn't present.  His e-mail is scandia.gatekeeper@gmail.com . 
  • Our website is  http://www.glacialridgeabate.org/  Warren's email address is wrjorgen@gmail.com or webmaster@glacialridgeabate.org
  • Note Edited for corrections by Warren

Patriot Guard~Vince  He wasn't present.
Old Business:
  • ABATE U, April 8-10
  • Wash Out: May 14th.  Spoon volunteered to take the handouts.
  • $250 given to Becky to help take care of her sister.

New Business:
  • It was asked if we were going to have a raffle this year.  It was discussed and decided it was too late to have a raffle this year.

Open Discussion:
  • Mike asked if anyone was interested in going for a ride before the meetings this summer.
Next meeting is May 7, 2011 at 6:00 pm at Rooney's in Sedan.
Adjournment:  Dan asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.      
         Charlene made the motion.  Jari seconded it.  The meeting
         was adjourned at  6:26 pm.