Chapter Minutes

Note: Chapter financial information is removed from the minutes and is available by contacting the chapter treasure at treasure@glacialridgeabate.org

Glacial Ridge Chapter Minutes
Saturday Oct 2, 2010
Meeting # 252 
Officers Attend:
     President:  Daniel Bursaw
     Vice President: Damon Stoetzel 
     Secretary:  Mary Thielke
     Treasurer: Todd Lund 
     State Rep:  Mike Pesta 
     Legislative Reporter: Derek VanLuik
     Sergeant @ Arms:  Damon Stoetzel
                                  Kurt VanLuik
Members Present: 23        

  1. Charlene VanLuik                                     
  2. Boyd Febelkorn
  3. Becky McBeth
  4. Ted Warren
  5. Stephanie Peschges                               
  6. Charlie Hammer
  7. Dean Razink
  8. Alana Erickson
  9. Deano Meehan 
  10. Val Vanderweyst
  11. Brittney VanLuik
  12. Mike Klaphake
  13. Sharon Klaphake
  14. Warren Jorgenson
  15. Jan Lee Jorgenson
  16. Glenamarie Williamson
Guests Present: 0         
Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

President welcomed everyone that was able to make the meeting.  We went around and said our names for those who hadn’t attended in a while.
Secretary Report~Mary
  • September  minutes were read.  Discussion was asked for.
  • Motion to accept report made by Charlene and seconded by Becky.  It passed by oral vote.
Treasurers Report~Todd
  • We have $ in our general account.   He hadn’t gotten any information on our new gambling account.  ($)  Discussion was asked for. 
  • Motion to accept report made by Derek and seconded by Ted. 
President report~Hives
  • He mentioned that we had sent flowers to Tony’s Mother’s funeral and to Sheila’s Mother’s funeral.
Vice President report~Damon
  • He mentioned that we should all check out the Road Noise, especially to look over candidates survey.  Make sure to vote in November.  
State Rep~Mike
  • He reminded us about Biker Day on February 2, 2011.
  • There was no payback on raffle tickets sold because not enough were sold to disperse money.
  • He talked about guidelines being looked at for facebook and other web sites.

Government Relations Liaison~Derek
  • He spoke on suspending the program for motorcycle, only, check points. 
  • Also, he mentioned checking out the candidates’ questionnaire in the Road Noise.

  • Not present.
Public Relations/Historian~Mary
  • Scrapbook has been updated through September.  She also reminded everyone that she has Glacial Ridge pins for sale.  (Since she forgot to do that during the secretary’s report.)  
Events Committee~Jory
  • Not present.
  • Warren and Jan Lee were present.  They gave us the bad news that they are moving, thus we need to find someone else to handle the Glacial Ridge web site.  We will miss them.

Patriot Guard~Vince
  • Not present.
Old Business~
  • We spoke about the Blizzard Bash coming up February 26, 2011.  Boyd will talk to Smurf about his band playing.
  • We spoke about St. Nick day and all the things that need to be done, yet.  After St. Nick, we will then have our meeting and after the meeting our Christmas party with potluck.
  • Again, it was mentioned about Biker Day on February 2nd, 2011.
New Business~
  • No new business.
Open Discussion~
  • Boyd talked about the elections. We need to educate ourselves with the candidates and then VOTE.
  • Charlie talked about the governor’s race between Horner, Dayton and Emmers.  He stated that Dayton had stated that he will veto any helmet law put before him. 
  • Deano mentioned that he would like the Road Noise to say if the candidate is an A.B.A.T.E. member. 
  • Becky wants to quit products.  So we will need a new person for this.  She turned in the products to Hives. 
President asked for motion to be made to adjourn.
Motion to adjourn made by Becky and seconded by Charlene.  It passed by oral vote.
~Meeting adjourned at 6:42 pm.