Note: Chapter financial information is removed from the minutes and is available by contacting the chapter treasure at treasure@glacialridgeabate.org

Glacial Ridge Chapter Minutes
Saturday August1, 2009 at Rooney’s in Sedan
Meeting #238

Officers Attending:
  • President: Boyd
  • Vice President: Hives
  • Secretary: Becky     
  • Treasurer:  Not Present
  • State Rep: Deano

Sergeant @ Arms:

  • Mike
  • Damon
  • Kurt
  • Jory  

Members Present: 30
Guests Present: 3

Meeting called to order at 6:08 pm


Secretary Report~ Becky
  • June minutes were read
  • Motion to accept report made by Spoon and seconded by Mark and passed by oral vote.

Treasurers Report~ Todd: Not Present
  • Account info is from June
  • General account: $
  • Gambling account: $

Presidents Report~
  • No report

Vice President’s report~
  • State Rally -new building and sponsorships
  • sign-up sheet to work products friday saturday or sunday-4 hour shifts
  • sign-up sheet to work front gate

State Reps Report~ Deano
  • July 11th BOD meeting
  • Helmet Law coming at us
  • Aug 1. yearly event insurance was deducted from our general account.

Government Relations Liaison~ Derek
  • Helmet Law
  • We are under attack of our FREEDOMS
  • Talk to your Legislators and ask for their support to leave the helmet laws "as is"!
  • Ride SAFE AND SOBER, Support the ABATE image, ride and ride alot.
  • Volunteer to work at the "Meeting of the Minds" Sept 24-27 Sheridan in Bloomington
  • Benson Hospice mentions Glacial Ridge for all their donations "charity starts at home"

Gambling~ Hives
  • has tickets for our chapter raffle. If "YOU" voted for us to have this raffle you need to get tickets from Hives and sell them.
  • Not enough people are doing this.

Public Relations/Historian~ Mary
  • Has pictures from Cyrus Days, Hospice, LTD Algona and the Washout.
Events Committee~ Mark
  • Fire Days in Sedan on the 15th
  • eligible bachelors for auction

Website~ Warren
  • Not present

Old Business:
  • Our raffle

New Business~
  • Lowery Days at the Hatchery Aug 15th-need volunteers to work the street dance-chicken and corn feed 7-close
  • Val made a motion that with enough volunteers we should work the Lowry Days street dance, seconded by Charlie and passed by oral vote.
  • Pass the hat for the tent for the State Rally-
  • Mark thanked us for the donation for the Sedan Fire Department
  • MRF- international gathering
  • a motorcycle friendly centerpiece is needed

Open Discussion~
  • Val made a great speech about the "unity amongst chapter members
  • Jory took over the Events committee- Mark is retired-
  • A list of riding buddies is being created, possibly to meet and ride before our monthly meetings and other gatherings.

Next Meeting will be Sunday, Sept 6th 2009 at the Meeker County Fairgrounds, Litchfield.

~Motion to adjourn made by Damon, seconded by Cheryl and passed by oral vote.

~Meeting Adjourned at 7:27 pm