Note: Chapter financial information is removed from the minutes and is available by contacting the chapter treasure at treasure@glacialridgeabate.org

Glacial Ridge Chapter Minutes
Saturday Feb 7, 2009 at Rooney’s in Sedan

Officers Attending:

  • President: Boyd
  • Vice President: Vonnie
  • Secretary: Becky   
  • Treasurer: Todd
  • State Rep: Deano
Sergeant @ Arms:
  • Mark
  • Jory
Members Present: 30
Guests Present: 1

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm

Happy Birthday was sung to Val

Secretary Report~ Becky

  • January minutes were read
  • Motion to accept report made by Spoon and seconded by Charlene and passed by oral vote.

Treasurers Report~ Todd:

  • General account: $
  • Gambling account: $
  • Motion to accept treasurer’s report made by Don, seconded by Charlene and passed by oral vote.

Presidents Report~ Thank you to those who came to Biker Day at the Capitol

Vice President’s report~

  • There are 17 shifts at the State Rally -Sign up!

State Reps Report~ Deano

  • X-tra classes at ABATE U
  • Auction items needed
  • Donate chapter t-shirts for staff at ABATE U (Holiday Inn)
  • Non- smoking  hospitality rooms this year
  • Member and Retention Al stepped down and Mickey Lint will resume the position.
  • Road Noise issues

Government Relations Liaison~ Derek

  • Thanks to those who came to Biker Day this year.  We need more next year.  This is a number one thing YOU can do to help our cause.
  • Write your thank yous. Remind them that we want to avoid the –tapping into our
  • Safety Fund.

Gambling~ Hives

  • Need to have ABATE U tickets turned in by ABATE U

Public Relations/Historian~ Mary

  •  Would like pictures from Biker Day

Events Committee~ Mark

  • No report

Website~ Warren

  • Not present

Old Business:

  • Blizzard Bash
  • Sign up pot luck
  • Sign up for door shifts
  • Set up time – please be there to help from 4-5 pm

New Business~

  • Chapter Challenge
  • Motion was made by Robert and seconded by Spoon to donate $111.11 to the Chapter Challenge and was passed by oral vote.
  • Freedom First Chapter needs Buddy Bears-swap through gambling funds.
  • 5013C numbers are needed again.
  • Pass the hat for ABATE U Hospitality Room.
  • Denise has an Aunt who is holding a fund raiser to defer medical costs due to illnesses.
  • A motion was made by Mary and seconded by Charlene to donate the amount of $200.00
  • To this fund and passed by oral vote.

Officer Nominations:

Sgt. @ Arms

  • Hives-yes
  • Rod-yes
  • Mark M-yes
  • Jory-yes
  • Damon-yes
  • Smurf-yes
  • Mike P-yes

Chapter Rep-

  • Deano-yes


  • Becky-yes
  • Mary-yes


  • Todd-yes

Vice President

  • Donny-yes
  • Hives-yes
  • Mary-yes
  • Derek-no


  • Boyd-yes

Nominations are closed for Feb Meeting

Open Discussion:

  • Becky will be sewing at ABATE U
  • $1.00 Ask me how to win buttons
  • Motion was made by Robert and seconded by Spoon to buy 5 (five) buttons
  • And passed by oral vote.
Next meeting will be Sat, March 7, 2009 6:00pm at Rooneys in Sedan.

~Motion to adjourn made by Robert, seconded by Peg and passed by oral vote.

~Meeting Adjourned at 6:56 pm