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Note: Chapter financial information is removed from the minutes and is available by contacting the chapter treasure at

Glacial Ridge Chapter Minutes
Saturday Feb 7, 2009 at Rooney’s in Sedan

Officers Attending:

  • President: Boyd
  • Vice President: Vonnie
  • Secretary: Becky   
  • Treasurer: Todd
  • State Rep: Deano
Sergeant @ Arms:
  • Mark
  • Jory
Members Present: 30
Guests Present: 1

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm

Happy Birthday was sung to Val

Secretary Report~ Becky

  • January minutes were read
  • Motion to accept report made by Spoon and seconded by Charlene and passed by oral vote.

Treasurers Report~ Todd:

  • General account: $
  • Gambling account: $
  • Motion to accept treasurer’s report made by Don, seconded by Charlene and passed by oral vote.

Presidents Report~ Thank you to those who came to Biker Day at the Capitol

Vice President’s report~

  • There are 17 shifts at the State Rally -Sign up!

State Reps Report~ Deano

  • X-tra classes at ABATE U
  • Auction items needed
  • Donate chapter t-shirts for staff at ABATE U (Holiday Inn)
  • Non- smoking  hospitality rooms this year
  • Member and Retention Al stepped down and Mickey Lint will resume the position.
  • Road Noise issues

Government Relations Liaison~ Derek

  • Thanks to those who came to Biker Day this year.  We need more next year.  This is a number one thing YOU can do to help our cause.
  • Write your thank yous. Remind them that we want to avoid the –tapping into our
  • Safety Fund.

Gambling~ Hives

  • Need to have ABATE U tickets turned in by ABATE U

Public Relations/Historian~ Mary

  •  Would like pictures from Biker Day

Events Committee~ Mark

  • No report

Website~ Warren

  • Not present

Old Business:

  • Blizzard Bash
  • Sign up pot luck
  • Sign up for door shifts
  • Set up time – please be there to help from 4-5 pm

New Business~

  • Chapter Challenge
  • Motion was made by Robert and seconded by Spoon to donate $111.11 to the Chapter Challenge and was passed by oral vote.
  • Freedom First Chapter needs Buddy Bears-swap through gambling funds.
  • 5013C numbers are needed again.
  • Pass the hat for ABATE U Hospitality Room.
  • Denise has an Aunt who is holding a fund raiser to defer medical costs due to illnesses.
  • A motion was made by Mary and seconded by Charlene to donate the amount of $200.00
  • To this fund and passed by oral vote.

Officer Nominations:

Sgt. @ Arms

  • Hives-yes
  • Rod-yes
  • Mark M-yes
  • Jory-yes
  • Damon-yes
  • Smurf-yes
  • Mike P-yes

Chapter Rep-

  • Deano-yes


  • Becky-yes
  • Mary-yes


  • Todd-yes

Vice President

  • Donny-yes
  • Hives-yes
  • Mary-yes
  • Derek-no


  • Boyd-yes

Nominations are closed for Feb Meeting

Open Discussion:

  • Becky will be sewing at ABATE U
  • $1.00 Ask me how to win buttons
  • Motion was made by Robert and seconded by Spoon to buy 5 (five) buttons
  • And passed by oral vote.
Next meeting will be Sat, March 7, 2009 6:00pm at Rooneys in Sedan.

~Motion to adjourn made by Robert, seconded by Peg and passed by oral vote.

~Meeting Adjourned at 6:56 pm