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Glacial Ridge Chapter Minutes 
Saturday Jan 10, 2009 at Rooney’s in Sedan
Officers Attending:
  • President: Boyd
  • Vice President: Vonnie
  • Secretary: Becky         
  • Treasurer: Todd
  • State Rep: Deano
  • Sergeant @ Arms: Mark
Members Present: 27
Guests Present: 2
Meeting called to order at 5:59 pm

Secretary Report~ Becky

  • December minutes were read
Motion to accept report made by Derek and seconded by Denise and passed by oral vote.
Treasurers Report~ Todd:
  • General account: $
  • Gambling account: $
 Motion to accept treasurer’s report made by Hives, seconded by Charlene and passed by oral vote.
Presidents Report~ Keep on our government-get involved
Vice President’s report~
State Reps Report~ Deano
  • Feb 4 Biker Day at the Capitol
  • BOD at the Holiday Inn in Alexandria
Government Relations Liaison~ Derek
Gambling~ Hives
  • Has raffle tickets for ABATE U
Public Relations/Historian~ Mary
  •  Taking more pictures and revamping the books- great job Mary!
Events Committee~ Mark
  • Biker Day
Website~ Warren
  • Not present
Old Business:
  • Blizzard Bash
  • Val printed the advanced tickets-posters
  • Sign-up sheet for working the doors, selling tickets
New Business~
  • Motion was made by Val to hold a raffle, printing out 1,500 tickets, with prizes as follows
  • Suzuki JR50 2006 dirt bike Value $1,000.00
  • ½ beef
  • ¼ beef
  • ¼ beef
  • ½ hog
  • ½ hog
  • Value of beef and hog including processing- $1,400.00
  • Drawing to be held Sunday Sept. 6th 2009 at 6:00pm at the Meeker County Fairgrounds in Litchfield MN. (State Rally)
Motion was seconded by Rod, after discussion motion was passed by oral vote.
Officer Nominations:
Sgt. @ Arms
  • Hives-yes
  • Rod-maybe
  • Mark M-yes
  • Vince-no
  • Damon-yes
  • Denise-no
Chapter Rep-
  • Deano-maybe
  • Boyd-no
  • Derek-no
  • Hives-no
  • Denise-no
  • Becky-maybe
  • Vonnie-no
  • Jari-no
  • Glenna-maybe
  • Sheila-no
  • Kelly-no
  • Todd-yes
  • Hives-no
Vice President
  • Vonnie-yes
  • Hives-no
  • Mary-yes
  • Derek-no
  • Rod-no
  • Boyd-maybe
  • Vonnie-maybe
  • Becky-no
  • Harry-no
  • Deano-no
Nominations are closed for Jan Meeting
Open Discussion:
  • The bus for Biker Day at the Capitol will be leaving at 6:45 at the Holiday INN in Alexandria.
  • Val- Speech about membership- get out and contact expired members.
  • Re-up-trifolds-

Next meeting will be Sat, Feb 7th 6:00pm at Rooneys in Sedan.

~Motion to adjourn made by Charlene, seconded by Val and passed by oral vote.

~Meeting Adjourned at 7:06 pm