Note: Chapter financial information is removed from the minutes and is available by contacting the chapter treasure at treasure@glacialridgeabate.org

Glacial Ridge Chapter Minutes
Saturday December 6, 2008 at Rooney’s in Sedan
Officers Attending:
  • President: Boyd Fiebelkorn
  • Vice President: Vonnie Smith
  • Secretary: Becky McBeth        
  • Treasurer: Todd Lund
  • State Rep: Deano Meehan
  • Sergeant @ Arms:  Mark
Members Present: 29
Guests Present: 8
Meeting called to order at 5:58 pm
Secretary Report~
Motion to waive the reading of November meeting minutes was made by Ted and seconded by Desi and passed by oral vote.

Treasurers Report~ Todd:

  • General account: $
  • Gambling account: $
  • Bill from last years tent rental: $407.30
  • Motion to accept treasurer’s report made by Desi, seconded by Hives and passed by oral vote.
President’s Report~
  Boyd  Thank you for your help

Vice President’s report~
Vonnie Thank you for your help

State Reps Report~ Deano:
  • Write to Ride patches were handed out
  • Feb 4 Biker Day at the Capitol
  • District meeting at the Wooden Nickle Saturday at 2pm in Marshall
  • BOD at the Holiday Inn in Alexandria
Government Relations Liaison~ Derek:
  • Write your congressmen about the failure to yield issue

Gambling Report~ Hives

  • Has raffle tickets for ABATE U
Public Relations/Historian~ Mary
  •  No report

Events Committee~ Mark
  • No report
PGR Update~ Vince -
  • No report

Website~ Warren
  • No report
Old Business:
  • No report
New Business:

  • A motion was made to discuss the 2009 raffle at January meeting by Derek and seconded by Desi and passed by oral vote.
  • Discussion- on what prizes to purchase
    • 4-wheeler? Prices options
    • Cow-hog?
  • February 28th Winter fund raiser Pot luck, silent auction
    • Smurf volunteered his band to play
    • Have it at the Caddyshack in Brooten
    • Advanced tickets $5.00 and at the door $7.00
  • A motion was made to have a fund raiser by Desi and seconded by Jari and passed by oral vote.
Open Discussion:
  • January meeting will be moved to 1-10-09
  • Motion was made by Charleen and seconded by Hives and passed by oral vote.
  • Get list of all people and businesses who donated
  • Thank you for your help setting up and tearing down for the Old St. Nicholas Day Event.
  • Ted will be retiring December 18th party at Raapers in Alexandria.
  • Re-up-trifolds-
~Motion to adjourn made by Val, seconded by Desi and passed by oral vote.

~Meeting Adjourned at 6:40 pm