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Note: Chapter financial information is removed from the minutes and is available by contacting the chapter treasure at

Glacial Ridge Chapter Minutes
Saturday April 7th, 2007
6pm at Rooney's in Sedan

Officers Attending:

  • President: Deano Meehan
  • Vice President: Rodney King
  • Secretary: Vonnie Smith filling in for Spoon
  • Treasurer: Todd Lund
  • State Rep: Brandon Nelson
  • Sergeant @ Arms:
        • Bob Sturges
        • Joey Lahr
        • Mark Mertens                                   

Members Present: 44

Guests Present: 0

Meeting called to order at 6:05pm

Secretaries report read by Vonnie.  

Motion to accept made by Mark, seconded by Vonnie, and passed by oral vote.


Treasurers Report~ Todd:

General account: $ as of February 28th

Gambling account: $ as of February 28th

  • ~Pope County Hospice is June 16th and 17th. Do we want to make a donation? Discussion will be tabled until next meeting to see where funds are at.
  • ~Will send a card to Jon who is at the U of M Riverside East Hospital.
  • Motion to accept treasurers report made by Boyd, seconded by Becky, and passed by oral vote.

State Reps Report Chuckles:

  • ~Need to turn in ABATE U raffle tickets or sell them.
  • ~Need money NOW for advanced state rally tickets.
  • ~Have Glacial Ridge Pins if anyone would like to purchase one.
  • ~Next District meeting will be June 9th at 2pm but no place has been set yet.
  • ~USA Today article on helmet law push.
  • ~Dial A Ride info.

 Vice Presidents Report Rodney:

  • ~Not able to make it to rally meeting. Read the Road Noise for any information.

Government Relations Liaison Snap:

  • Failure to yield bill is still in committee as they are still working on the wording.
  • The smoking ban has passed go through in 2009.

Public Relations/Historian~ Vonnie:

  • ~Scrap Books are updated and here.

Events Committee~ Craig:

  • ~Bus run went well.
  • ~Looking into a bike run for the summer.

Website Warren:

  • Nothing new

Old Business:

  • ~3 by 5 flags with chapter logo will be available for chapter members.

New Business:

  • ~Sedan Daze will be August 18th
  • ~Motion made by Craig to work security for Sedan Daze, seconded by Vonnie, and passed by oral vote.
  • ~Wash out~ no new info.
  • ~Fundraiser for the summer due to blizzard on Blizzard Bash~ possible to do a run.
  • ~Howie mentioned that he is working with Pete's County Market on setting up a run for the 1st annual cancer run which will be July 14th. 
  • ~Boyd sent a card to Paul Hedine.
  • ~Ideas from Sand Dunes Chapter.
    •    ~Chapter stickers for cars
    •    ~Give new members their state and chapter patches at their first meeting.
  • ~Mark made a motion to give new members their state and chapter patches if they attend the first meeting after they join, seconded by Tanya, and passed by oral vote.
  • ~Shannon Swenson mentioned the Lakes Area Humane Society is having their 4th Annual Iron Horse Animal Ride on July 28th. Leaves from Alexandria Humane Society at 1 pm, registration begins at noon.

Open Discussion:

  • ~Saturday June 16th there is a ride at Forada Fire department.
  • ~Vonnie will be taking minutes at next meeting, May 5th.

~Motion to adjourn made by Mark, seconded by Julie, and passed by oral vote.

Meeting adjourned at 7:03pm.