Note: Chapter financial information is removed from the minutes and is available by contacting the chapter treasure at treasure@glacialridgeabate.org

Glacial Ridge Chapter Minutes
Saturday April 7th, 2007
6pm at Rooney's in Sedan

Officers Attending:

  • President: Deano Meehan
  • Vice President: Rodney King
  • Secretary: Vonnie Smith filling in for Spoon
  • Treasurer: Todd Lund
  • State Rep: Brandon Nelson
  • Sergeant @ Arms:
        • Bob Sturges
        • Joey Lahr
        • Mark Mertens                                   

Members Present: 44

Guests Present: 0

Meeting called to order at 6:05pm

Secretaries report read by Vonnie.  

Motion to accept made by Mark, seconded by Vonnie, and passed by oral vote.


Treasurers Report~ Todd:

General account: $ as of February 28th

Gambling account: $ as of February 28th

  • ~Pope County Hospice is June 16th and 17th. Do we want to make a donation? Discussion will be tabled until next meeting to see where funds are at.
  • ~Will send a card to Jon who is at the U of M Riverside East Hospital.
  • Motion to accept treasurers report made by Boyd, seconded by Becky, and passed by oral vote.

State Reps Report Chuckles:

  • ~Need to turn in ABATE U raffle tickets or sell them.
  • ~Need money NOW for advanced state rally tickets.
  • ~Have Glacial Ridge Pins if anyone would like to purchase one.
  • ~Next District meeting will be June 9th at 2pm but no place has been set yet.
  • ~USA Today article on helmet law push.
  • ~Dial A Ride info.

 Vice Presidents Report Rodney:

  • ~Not able to make it to rally meeting. Read the Road Noise for any information.

Government Relations Liaison Snap:

  • Failure to yield bill is still in committee as they are still working on the wording.
  • The smoking ban has passed go through in 2009.

Public Relations/Historian~ Vonnie:

  • ~Scrap Books are updated and here.

Events Committee~ Craig:

  • ~Bus run went well.
  • ~Looking into a bike run for the summer.

Website Warren:

  • Nothing new

Old Business:

  • ~3 by 5 flags with chapter logo will be available for chapter members.

New Business:

  • ~Sedan Daze will be August 18th
  • ~Motion made by Craig to work security for Sedan Daze, seconded by Vonnie, and passed by oral vote.
  • ~Wash out~ no new info.
  • ~Fundraiser for the summer due to blizzard on Blizzard Bash~ possible to do a run.
  • ~Howie mentioned that he is working with Pete's County Market on setting up a run for the 1st annual cancer run which will be July 14th. 
  • ~Boyd sent a card to Paul Hedine.
  • ~Ideas from Sand Dunes Chapter.
    •    ~Chapter stickers for cars
    •    ~Give new members their state and chapter patches at their first meeting.
  • ~Mark made a motion to give new members their state and chapter patches if they attend the first meeting after they join, seconded by Tanya, and passed by oral vote.
  • ~Shannon Swenson mentioned the Lakes Area Humane Society is having their 4th Annual Iron Horse Animal Ride on July 28th. Leaves from Alexandria Humane Society at 1 pm, registration begins at noon.

Open Discussion:

  • ~Saturday June 16th there is a ride at Forada Fire department.
  • ~Vonnie will be taking minutes at next meeting, May 5th.

~Motion to adjourn made by Mark, seconded by Julie, and passed by oral vote.

Meeting adjourned at 7:03pm.