Note: Chapter financial information is removed from the minutes and is available by contacting the chapter treasure at treasure@glacialridgeabate.org

Glacial Ridge Chapter Minutes
Saturday January 6th, 2007
6pm at Rooney's in Sedan

Officers Attending:
  • President: Deano Meehan
  • Vice President: Rodney King
  • Secretary: Desiree Woolery
  • Treasurer: Todd Lund
  • State Rep: Brandon Nelson
  • Sergeant @ Arms: Craig Hanson
  •                             Bob Sturges
  •                             Joey Lahr
Members Present: 44
Guests Present: 3
Meeting called to order at 6:08pm
Secretaries report read by Dez.  Motion to accept made by Tanya, seconded by Val, and passed by oral vote.
Treasurers Report~ Todd:
  • General account: $
  • Gambling account: $
  • Motion to accept made by Trevor, seconded by Vonnie, and passed by oral vote.
State Reps Report~ Chuckles:
  • As of January 1st our membership stands at 193.
  • ABATE of Montana sent out a call for action.  There is a state wide helmet law that is being propsed. 
  • Biker Day at the Capitol will be January 31st.  Se Chuckles after the meeting if you need contact or bus information.
  • Budget to be introduced at next BOD.
  • Alexandria Tech college has asked ABATE of MN for a 1 time donation of $2,500 to go into an endowment which will give 1 $500 scholarship per year for the life of the endowment.  This would come out of the state funds.  How do we want Chuckles to vote at the BOD when asked about this?  In favor of this proposal by show of hands.
Government Relations Liaison~ Steve:
  • Not Here
Vice Presidents Report~ Rodney:
  • We have the 501c3 numbers for 3 towns for first responder donations and we also have the number for courage center.
  • Beef~ We will be getting a white face for $1000 and it will be hauled to Hoffman processing plant.  We also have a hog being donated.  The beef will cost $100 for processing and the hog will cost $60.  Boyd will get with Hedines for a donation on Monday.   
  • Val made a motion to print up 2000 tickets to sell at $5 per ticket, seconded by Trevor, and passed by oral vote.  Todd will take care of tickets.
  • Vonnie made a motion to donate $500 to each  of the 3 first responders and $1000 to Courage Center, Seconded by Trevor, and passed by oral vote.
  • *First Responder donations go to Holliway, Hancock, and Hoffman.
Government Relations~ Snap:
  • Not Here
Public Relations/Historian~ Vonnie:
  • Nothing
Events Committee~Craig:
  • March 10th we will be doing a bus run to deliver buddy bears.  We are asking for a $10 donation to cover bus cost.
  • Sturges made a motion to donate $100 out of general fund to give to driver for buddy bear bus run, seconded by Mark, and passed by oral vote.
Website~ Warren:
  • Need more pics for the website.
  • Web Site Updates
    1.) Added a scrolling bar in front page. Why we believe so much in America ... "A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many people want in... And how many want out."  Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you: 1. Jesus Christ and 2. The American G. I.  .... One died for our soul, the other for our freedom!
    2.) Updated calendar page
    3.) Updated secretary's Minutes page
    4.) 2007 National Events
    5.) New photos uploaded
    6.) Updated the Minnesota Laws that impact motorcycles in the links page

    Items That need to be done ASAP

    1.) 2007 raffle details
    2.) 2007 ABATE U Details

    Annual Website Use Summary Report


    Traffic viewed <= 2192
    Number of visits 2937 (1.33 visits/visitor)
    Pages viewed 24034 (8.18 pages/visit)
    Hits 177746  (60.51 hits/visit)
    Bandwidth 3.90 GB (1391.29 KB/visit)
Old Business:
  • Ryan's Benefit~ Val has all phone numbers and item lists.
  • Motion made by Warren to take $250 donation off table and put that money towards items for the benefit with a donation to come later.  Discussion.  Motion recinded.  Tabled until next meeting when we can see what we as a chapter spent and what Ryan made on benefit.
  • Blizzard Bash will be held on February 24th so please start collecting items for the silent auction.
  • Trevor made a motion to put halof page ad in the road noise if still possible, seconded by Howie, and passed by oral vote.
New Business:
~Officer Nominations~

  1. Deano~ accept
  2. Rodney~ decline

Vice President:
  1. Howie O.~ decline
  2. Rodney K.~ decline
  3. Boyd~ decline
  4. Ryan T.~ decline
  5. Sturges~ decline
  6. Mickey~ decline
  7. Hives~ decline
  8. Mitch~ decline
  9. Curt~ decline
  10. Warren~ decline
  11. Jim H.~ decline
  12. Damon~ accept
  13. Vonnie~ accept

  1. Todd~ accept
  2. Becky~ decline

  1. Spoon~ undecided
  2. Vonnie~ decline
  3. Tanya~ undecided

State Rep:
  1. Chuckles~ accept
  2. Vonnie~ decline

Sgt @ Arms:
  1. Craig~ undecided
  2. Damon~ accept
  3. Todd D.~ accept
  4. Trevor~ accept
  5. Brad~ decline
  6. Derek~ accept
  7. Boyd~ decline
  8. Mitch~ decline
  9. Sturges~accept
  10. Mark~ accept
  11. Hives~ accept
  12. Rod~ decline
  13. Kinger~ accept
  14. Ryan~ decline
  15. Ted~ accept
Open Discussion:
  • pass hat for ABATE U Hospitality suite.
  • DC trip will be February 25th to March 1st.
  • Trevor has some stocking caps and sweatshirts.
  • Vince has a bike for sale.
  • Motion to adjourn made by Becky, seconded by Mark, and passed by oral vote.
Meeting adjourned at 7:44pm.