Note: Chapter financial information is removed from the minutes and is available by contacting the chapter treasure at treasure@glacialridgeabate.org

Glacial Ridge Chapter Minutes
Saturday May 6th, 2006,
6pm at Rooney's in Sedan
Officers Attending:
President: Deano Meehan
Vice President: Rodney King
Secretary: Dez Woolery
Treasurer: Todd Lund
State Rep: Brandon Nelson
Sergeant @ Arms: Bob Sturges
                            Joey Lahr
                            Craig Hanson
Members Present: 48
Guests Present: 5
Meeting called to order at 6:10pm.
Reporter Amy Chaffins was present to observe meeting.
Gary Wold and Terri Anderson with Pope County Hospice spoke.  Gary Wold summarized the Hospice Run being held at Glenwood City park on June 17 and 18.  Terri Anderson spoke on the function of Hospice.
Bruce from Leaf Valley Fire and Rescue was presented with check for first responder donation.
Secretaries report read by Spoon. 
  • Motion to accept made by Vonnie, seconded by Mark, and passed by oral vote.
Treasurers Report~ Todd:
  • *Balance is pending first responder checks.
  • Motion to accept made by Vonnie, seconded by Lori, and passed by oral vote. 
State Reps Report~ Chuckles:
  • ~Next BOD is July 14 and 15.
  • ~Wingnut's benefit will be held on May 20th at the Bonfire Bar & Grill in Litchfield.
  • ~There was a resolution brought up at the BOD to adopt the stance that ABATE is opposed to state or federal standards on emissions and was voted against.
  • ~DC trip will be June 17 to 24.
  • ~Motion made by Kurt to reimburse Chuckles any money the state does not cover for his trip to DC, seconded by Steve, and passed by oral vote.
  • ~Please submit any downed rider information to Dale or Wendy Steinborn.
  • ~Advance Rally tickets are available.
Vice Presidents Report~ Rodney:
  • ~State Rally meeting update~ We still need vendors, please contact Kim.
  • ~ABATE of ND invites ABATE of MN to their rally in Minokan Grave on June 9 and 10.
  • ~We were invited back to the Stevens County fair in August to sell tickets for the mini bikes.
  • ~We received a thank you card from Donnelly first responders for our donation to them.
Government Relations Liason~ Steve:
  • ~Thank you to all who attended ABATE U.
  • ~Massachusetts passed legislation similar to our failure to yield bill.
  • `Tennessee passed a bill that prohibits anyone under 9 years of age from being a passenger on a motorcycle.
Public Relations/Historian~ Vonnie:
  • ~Pictures sent to local papers
  •    *Alexandria ran our pictures
  •    *Brooten is questionable
  •    *Belgrade should run within the week
  •    *Paynseville will not run any of the pictures because no no Paynseville residents are pictured.
  • ~Camera is not yet purchased.
Events Committee
  • ~May 27 we will meet at Rooney's to go on a "just for fun" ride that will end at DJ's Bar & Grill where Hollywood will be playing.
  • ~Events Committee will be meeting before each chapter meeting.
Website~ Warren:
  • ~Still working on the website.
  • ~Anyone can add to  the calender by clicking on the + in the corner of each date.
Old Business:
  • ~Todd checked on a sign and we can get a painted sign for $300.
  • ~Kurt made a motion to have a sign made up for $300, seconded by Bugs, and passed by oral vote.
  • ~Boyd will contact Paul about use of tent for state rally.
  • ~Central Chapters Buddy Bear Bash will be held June 10 and will donate $150 to our chapter for helping with this event.
  • ~Boyd made a motion to donate $500 to Pope County Hospice, Deano made the amendment to add the $150 donation from Central Chapters Buddy Bear Bash to the $500, for a grand total a $650 donation to hospice, seconded by Mark, and passed by oral vote.
New Business:
  • ~Security for Country Fest is still in progress
  • ~Sedan Daze is August 19 and Rooney would like us to help with the door and security.
  • ~Meeting Schedule
    •    *June- normal day and time
    •    *July- moved to July 8
    •    *August- normal day and time
    •    *September- at state rally Sunday, September 3 at 6pm
    •    *October- October 7 at 5pm
    •    *November- November 4 at 5pm
Open Discussion:
  • ~Meis Ride will be leaving at noon June 3.
  • ~Ronald McDonald Run is June 10.
  • ~Vonnie to make enents calander.
  • ~Nikki will bring information on home interiors for fundraising.
  • ~Vonnie will be secretary next month in Spoons absence.
~Motion to adjourn made by Vonnie, seconded by Bugs, and passed by oral vote.
Meeting adjourned at 7:39pm.